Photos from the Overwatch World Cup LA Group stage

InvenGlobal visited Barker Hangar in Los Angeles, a historic air base that was transformed into an esports arena for the Overwatch World Cup. Groups G and H were playing through their group stage matches and the fans came out in droves to catch a glimpse of live Overwatch esports. 

It was a diverse crowd of fans that matched the international teams competing. Take a look at some of the photos we grabbed at the event!

▲ The calm before the storm with @meanCait.
▲ Fans enter the hangar and find a seat.
▲ The iconic Tracer statue welcomed all who entered.
▲ The most popular area of the event was the merch store!
▲ The Overwatch gear was flying off the shelves.
▲ Blizzard staff selling Overwatch merchandise all day.
▲ The display case of the items for sale.
▲ Team UK were fan favorites and their signing area was packed.

Team USA at the Overwatch World Cup: "diversity is our strength"

▲ After a match win, Team UK interacts with fans.
▲ The hosting desk prepping for their camera time.
▲ The crowd was packed!
▲ "Jeff, you are my father"
▲ The main stage.
▲ Jeff Kaplan was periodically at the event, taking photos and interacting with fans!
▲ Some amazing fan art made during the event!
▲ Inspired by the high-quality work, this fan tries her hand at Reaper.
▲ Brazil vs. New Zealand
▲ Team New Zealand spoke about how the main stage inspires them to take their teamwork to the next level.
▲ Team Brazil spoke about their love of serious competition during their press briefing.

As with all Blizzard events, it was a filled with passionate fans and tons of fun. The turnout of this event and the energy it brought to an old airplane hangar bodes well for the future of the OWL and the fan engagement Blizzard can expect.

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