Overwatch World Cup Santa Monica Qualifier Group G and H, Day 2 - Absolute victories again


The 2nd day of Santa Monica Qualifier proved that the team ranking was not something that could be overlooked. United States, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and Germany, the top 2 teams for the Group G and H, will be proceeding to the Semifinals by winning perfect 4-0 victories. Each team with 2 wins and 2 losses will be competing against one another in the day 3, which will decide the overall team ranking.

In the first match, United States overwhelmed Brazil by 4-0 with Sinatraa’s excellent gameplay. Sinatraa chose to play Zarya, Tracer, and Genji in different situations, outplaying the opponent team on both attack and defense. His great performance helped United States to dominate the game in Hollywood, Ilios, and Horizon Lunar Colony, ending the match with perfect victories.

Taiwan also triumphed over New Zealand by 4-0. Notably, Zonda gained the spotlight for his skillful play; he displayed his wide hero pool by playing Soldier 76, Pharah as well as Mei in Nepal, Widowmaker and Zarya in the Horizon Lunar Colony, and lastly Reaper in Dorado.

United Kingdom was victorious in the match against Israel by 4-0. Israel, the team that showed the potential to win in the match against Germany on the day 1, fought hard in each set against United Kingdom, although they failed to make it to the Semifinals for the Group Stage when they were defeated.

Lastly, the match against Germany and Belgium ended with Germany’s victory over Belgium by 4-0. Germany showed unstable performance in the match against Israel on the day 1, although they managed to proceed to the Semifinals by 4-0 after a long fight. Germany was placed 2nd in the Group H with their wins and losses over game sets, and will be fighting against United Kingdom tomorrow for the 1st place in the group ranking.


▲ Group Stage for G and H, Day 2 Results



The result of the 2017 Overwatch World Cup Santa Monica Qualifier Group Stage G and H, Day 2

Group G

1st Match United States 4 - 0 Brazil
2nd Match Taiwan 4 - 0 New Zealand

Group H

1st Match United Kingdom 4 - 0 Israel
2nd Match Germany 4 - 0 Belgium

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