C9 Smoothie on this year's Worlds: “It’s almost impossible to tell who’s going to win because SKT is doing really bad right now”

Recorded and edited by Jerry Coria

We caught up with the C9’s support to hear his thoughts on the looming playoffs since how they perform on the remaining games decide the team's overall result for the year.

Along with IMT Olleh, TSM Biofrost, and CLG Aphromoo, Smoothie is considered to be one of the top supports in NA right now. Though he is often overshadowed by strong individual personalities of other C9 members, Smoothie pulls more than enough weight for the team. Being named the best support in the 2017 spring split for his plays on Miss Fortune should be more than enough evidence.

Then there’s yet another chance to prove himself. Coming into the summer split, C9 finished in fourth place with a respectable record of 12W-6L. Though things were far from perfect, regular play is just a proving ground for who goes to the playoffs. 

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