Cody Sun on Best Player of the Split: "When we play against Jensen, we have a lot of our focus on midlane"

Recorded and edited by Jerry Coria

On August 5th, Inven ran into an opportunity to meet up and speak with the rising ADC, Cody Sun, after IMT's dominating victory over 'Team Envy'. 

A professional player in the 'League of Legends' competitive scene can only achieve so much by himself - especially if we talk about botlane. Unlike top or mid, botlane specializes in the "synergy" between the ADC and the support, making the said lane much more unique compared to the other two.

The mentioned "synergy" above is perhaps the biggest factor that decides which botlane is the strongest among the teams in the pro scene. With no prior time given to develop proper synergy, simply putting the "best ADC" and the "best support" players together will most likely end up being disastrous. On the other hand, many botlane players who were known to make little to no individual plays, displayed potential when paired with a certain lane partner. 

There is no doubt that Immortal's botlane which is composed of 'Cody Sun' and 'Olleh', is displaying stellar performance in individual skills and teamwork on the current Split. It's also worth noting that these two players rarely grabbed attention from fans during the previous split; but now, these two players are taking down "top" teams left and right as they climbed the leaderboards to reach the no.1 spot in the NA LCS. In a previous interview, Olleh said, "We both[Olleh and Cody Sun] were in a new place with no close friends. So I told him, 'let's be there for each other,' and started hanging out with him." We can now see that Olleh's efforts paid off. 

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