LZ Pray on old ROX: "I told Kuro I wanted to see him in the finals but he was like, 'Go Samsung!'"

On August 6th (KST), Longzhu secured its spot in the LCK summer finals playoffs for the first time in the team's history after sweeping Samsung 2-0 in the tiebreaker series. It is not an understatement to say that Jong-in "Pray" Kim had a pivotal role in achieving this feat. We sat down with the Longzhu's AD Carry to learn about his feelings on embarrassing promo videos, 2016 ROX members in the playoffs and serving as an emotionally distant father figure on the team.

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Congratulations on advancing directly to the finals. Thoughts on the tiebreaker against SSG?

It feels good to beat Samsung to secure our spot but I was confident beating KT as well. I was hellbent on getting better after losing to KT. We were set on getting 2-0 over Samsung. I don’t think our performance was up to par today. I’m a little sad we could’ve closed out sooner but it helps to know that we’re in the finals.

What did you guys talk about in the booth after securing finals spot?

I think we yelled something like, “Let’s go”, “Good job”, “Wow, nice!”

How was the matchup against Ruler-CoreJJ?

I think a lot about laning and always want to know how my matchup works. After seeing the bot lane matchup, I got a hunch we’d win. It feels good when things go as intended

Is there anything you’d like to avoid in the LCK finals promo video?

I think my old ROX made me do embarrassing things in those videos. Things were much milder for SKT T1 and KT Rolster. Whatever is the case, I hope it doesn’t involve me singing.

Who do you think you’ll face in the finals?

I realized the old ROX players have all made the playoffs. I once told Kuro that I wanted to see him in the finals but today he was like, “Go Samsung!” That’s why I want all old ROX members to be eliminated and play Samsung again in the finals

I’m sure you’re rooting for special someone from old ROX.

It is with heavy heart there's no one in particular.

Are you up for revenge match of Mundo Dodgeball against EDG Meiko and a random gold player from your stream?

I think younger players have an advantage. I’m up for more games with anyone since it’s all in good fun.

I heard you hurt your back. Are you okay?

Yeah, I’ve never thought my back could hurt as badly. I also thought about how much trouble Pawn is going through since his condition is worse than mine. I don’t think it’s an issue now that I got much better.

Gorilla said he’s the mother figure of the team. Where do you think you fall under?

I think he’s always the mother figure everywhere he goes. I’m more of a father figure on LZ even though I’ve never fulfilled that role in any other teams. You know how fathers don’t really talk to their children. I’m that emotionally detached father who just puts bread on the table

Do you think other players are afraid of you?

I guess they’re uneasy around me. Rascal rarely uses honorifics but he only does to me

Tell us about your mindset for the finals.

I’m happy to have advanced to the finals after finishing in first place in regular season. My mind is set on going to Worlds after summer split. Since my goal is to go to Worlds, I’ll win this split regardless whom we play in the finals to get there.

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