[Video Interview] SKT T1 Peanut on Cho'Gath, Gauntlet against 2016 ROX and old K-POPs

On August 6th (KST), We interviewed SK Telecom T1's Wangho "Peanut" Han after he won the last match of the regular season against bbq Olivers. We had a chance to talk about Cho'Gath, his unusually old taste of music and how he feels about having to face all members of 2016 ROX Tigers.

Check out his interview below.

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You've played the last match of regular season.

This season flew by faster than I thought. I finally know what it means to say "Time flies." I'm doing my best to prepare for the wild card match, and that's what I can only think about nowadays.

Were you disappointed by how Game 1 of the last match went?

I personally don't mind because I scored a lot of point for my team. So it was more unfortunate when we lost in the end.

You are currently ranked 2nd in KR SoloQ. Do you think that helps in LCK matches as well?

Performance-wise, I think it's more or less the same. I never thought that I played any worse back then. I'm playing just as how I used to play but feels like I'm having better results. It might be because I'm trying harder than before.

Why not try for first place?

I should get there if I win two more matches. I'll certainly try. (Laughs)

What is your opinion of Cho'Gath as jungler?

Cho'Gath is not really great as jungler. I think Cho'Gath is better as a toplaner rather than a jungler. That's why we might be seeing more Cho'Gath on the toplane rather than in the jungle.

I heard that you are learning English conversations.

I didn't improve much. (Laughs). I'm just getting a refresher of what I used to know. Something that I knew but forgot. I'm not doing a lot - I'm just learning a few phrases that I can use in interviews.

I heard that you've been working out.

Yep, I've built up some endurance and I'm a lot more healthy now.

So you are having exercises regularly?

Sure. I exercise regularly.

Songs on your streams are older than the usual of people in your age.

I play older songs when I hear them on TV, in cafes and in gyms. You know how there are apps that you can use to find song names? That's how I find the names. I also get the list from other people's streams. That's why I might play songs that are not really usual for my age.

There's another reason. My older brother used to watch a lot of Korean music shows when I was young. So I had to watch that all the time. That might be another reason why I'm like that.

Do you have any song recommendations?

Miss A's 'Breathe'. That's what I'm thinking of right now.

All members from 2016 ROX are in the playoffs.

I think I can beat them all. Well, I have to beat them all. Since I have to beat them all, so I don't have time to think about whether I can beat them or not. That's more of an afterthought. I think I can beat them all, and since that's the only way to get to the finals, I'll make sure that I beat them all.

Anything you want to say about the wild card match?

I'll beat KurO and go on to the next bracket. Thank you.

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