CLG Huhi on Ssumday’s Nasus: “It wasn't a good pick but he likes playing carry champions”

The last week of summer split saw the match between CLG and Dignitas in which CLG clinched 2-1 victory, thanks to the team’s scaling composition with Tristana.

Jaehyun “Huhi” Choi is known as the model case of Korean import in NA LCS since debuting on Counter Logic Gaming in 2016 and winning his first championship in the same season. Despite spending most of his time on the bench, Huhi was up to the task when the time came for him to help secure second place at MSI. He made waves with his excellence on champions like Aurelion Sol, Azir and Cassiopeia.

We caught up with CLG’s mid laner to hear his thoughts on this split’s MVP, his inspirations and the curious Nasus pick by Ssumday.

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    level 1 Daisy_Roberts

    I love this guy! CLG! CLG!!

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