BDD on Finals: "I'd rather see AFS or SSG because KT and SKT are known to perform on big stages"

On the 6th of August, 'Longzhu Gaming' brought 'Samsung Galaxy' to their knees by completely dominating them with a score of 2:0. During the series, GorillA and BDD received the title of MVP for their spectacular performances on Taric and Galio respectively. Through this victory, LZ secured the 1st seed for playoffs. With this accomplishment, they will be waiting in the finals for any team that dares to climb up and challenges them. 

The following is an interview done with LZ GorillA and BDD.

(To GorillA) How do you feel being no.1?

GorillA: I was really upset that we lost our last series against KT... but I'm really happy that our team was able to make it to playoffs as the no.1 seed.

(To GorillA) For 4 years in a row, you have made it to playoffs.

GorillA: My first win was last year... I will do my best to also leave a good record this year.

(To GorillA) Were you nervous at all for today's series?

GorillA: I'm always nervous for every game. I hoped for BDD and Cuzz to stay confident and nervous-free, as they're practically rookies. I'm happy they ended up playing well.

(To GorillA) Did you give the two any advice? What did you tell them?

GorillA: While sitting in the booth, my team and I received and channeled the energy of SKT, the victor of today's 1st series. But... 'Peanut' still wanted us to lose because of circuit points. Sorry, Peanut!

(To GorillA) The players from the "old" Rox Tigers roster all made it into the playoffs. 

GorillA: The previous members of 'Rox Tigers' ended up splitting up. But I'm really happy that everyone found success. I will be waiting for them in the finals.

(To BDD) How do you feel?

BDD: Really Happy!

(To BDD) Did you predict your MVP title?

BDD: It's hard making a prediction for the title because everyone in my team plays really well. But I'm happy that I received it in the end.

(To BDD) You are now tied for 1st place in the MVP point standings.

BDD: I didn't really pay attention to my MVP points... I'm still happy that I'm tied for 1st place though.

(To BDD) It felt as if you were very considerate in how you used Galio's ultimate, 'Hero's Entrance', during game 3. Were you really trying your best to win?

BDD: Oh. Yeah.

(To GorillA) How do you rate BDD?

GorillA: I've been on the same team with BDD for about a year now... I'm really happy on how fast he grew as a player. I think he will only improve from now on.

(To BDD and GorillA) At which point during game 2 did you feel "certain" that you'd win?

BDD: When everyone was at level 1. As the game went on, I grew more confident in winning.

GorillA:  During the teamfight where Gragas was at the opposing blue buff constantly attracting aggro. 

(To GorillA) Why the toplane Gragas pick?

GorillA: Khan is very good on Gragas - as a matter of fact - he teaches me how to play Gragas when we play solo queue together. We had faith in Khan, and so, we picked the champion.

(To Both) Which team would you like to see in the finals[during Playoffs]? 

BDD: I would rather like to see either Samsung or Afreeca. SKT and KT are both well-known to play really well on "big" stages... their past record kind of proves my point.

GorillA: I don't really care who makes it... or rather... I won't mind every team other than KT. It's because we lost our last game against them.

(To Both) Since the regular split is now over, let's take a look back.

BDD: It's still too soon to really say anything. The only thing I can really say is that this split is the most important for us. We will do our best and win.

GorillA: There were many twists and turns for our team since this year's Spring Split. But I'm really glad that we made it into the playoffs as the no.1 seed. And although we accomplished such a feat, we will not stop exerting top performances until we make it to Worlds and leave a good record. 

(To GorillA) Final words for the fans?

GorillA: I want to thank all the fans who were watching and cheering for us. Especially to those who attended the event live, as the weather is very hot right now. I'll meet you guys again at the finals. 

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