SKT Faker on having to play from the Wild Card match: "I think it'll help us stay in shape."

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On August 3rd (KST), SK Telecom T1 denied KT Rolster from reaching first place by defeating them 2-1 in Day 43 of LCK Summer Split 2017. Although today's match wouldn't put SKT above fourth place - and subsequently the Wild Card match - it certainly showed how SKT is back in their full force.

Here is our interview with Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee.

SKT has a really good matchup against KT. Why do you think that's the case?

I think it was because KT was more anxious than we were. They played differently. It didn't feel like how KT would usually play. In comparison, we could be more relaxed because we didn't have anything at stake in regards to the leaderboard.

You've played Lucian twice in today's match.

It was because we needed more AD-based champions. Lucian is really good at bursting down tanky champions too. He wasn't exactly a counterpick against Galio, but to complete our composition.

You are well-known for preferring to play with default skins, but you played with non-default skins today. What was the reason?

I chose the default skin, but it changed due to the tournament client bug. It happened before when I played Syndra, and it was really difficult for me because I wasn't used to the different animations. This time, it was not as jarring as before, so I just decided to play with skins.

Why do you think you lost Game 2?

We started from behind after Huni was ganked several times in the early game, but it wasn't just the top, but all lanes had to play from behind. Then, we got caught at the unfortunate timing during the late game. Overall, we made too many mistakes.

How did the team change after going through the losing streak?

The biggest difference is how we started to practice more individually. We also started to share our individual findings after practice on our own. Losing four matches in a row put us in the Wild Card match, but I think even that would be for the best if we make it to the finals in the end.

You'll be starting the playoffs with the Wild Card match.

I'm slightly concerned with how we won't get much break since we haven't had a proper rest for a long time, but I think it'll help us stay in shape. I think we'll be able to rack up experience by going through the playoffs.

Do you think you'll make it to the finals?

If we can play as well as we did today, we should be able to get to the finals, but I'm sure it will be difficult. However, I hope we can continue to play like today if we can.


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