The truth behind Faker playing with skins and what Huni thinks about Cho'Gath

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On August 3rd (KST), SK Telecom T1 defeated KT Rolster 2-1 in Day 43 of LCK Summer Split 2017. The entire roster of SKT who played in today's match against KT Rolster was called up on stage after the match for a group interview with the OGN casters.

A noteworthy event of the match was how Faker was using a non-default skins throughout the match. As a player who's adamant on playing with the default skin, the fact that he played a single game with a non-deault skin was a noteworthy event - let alone multiple games.

Today, however, he used a non-default skin for all three games of today's match, which prompted the casters to ask him about it in the interview.

Faker answered, "The tournament client has a bug related to choosing skins. I picked default skins but it kept starting the game with a skin that I didn't choose. It wasn't my choice at all." Averting the casters' expectation of how Faker might have had some change of mind after the team's recent performance.

After some lively banter from SKT players, it was Huni's time to talk. Huni's massive Cho'Gath in Game 1 was paramount to the team's victory in Game 1, but Huni gave out a surprising answer when asked whether Cho'Gath was a good champion.

"I'm not sure. I just picked him because he looked good."

As the casters were dumbfounded, Huni continued to speak out with his usual zest. "I only need to play a few matches before getting used to a champion, so I could pick him in LCK matches with some practice."

While Huni's answer can't be proven right now, what we do know is how Wolf wasn't impressed with Huni's response - "Don't give me that." - and how it made everyone burst out laughing.

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