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KT Score: "CloudTemplar keeps trying to talk me into playing Amumu"


On the 28th of July, in the 'OGN Sangam Studio', 'kt Rolster' defeated 'bbq Olivers' with a score of 2:1. Although KT was shaken a bit during the 2nd set, they pulled through and won the series by completely snowballing their lead on the 3rd set. 

The player that made the biggest impact during the series was KT's jungler, Score. For all 3 games, Score played Elise and played around ganking for his laners. It's true he had trouble securing objectives with his 'smite', but his overall performance was deemed MVP worthy by fans and analysts.

The following is an MVP interview done with KT Score.

How do you feel after that victory?

I'm still angry at myself. I heard that I got the Baron stolen by Braum when I was in the bathroom. I can't believe I got it stolen by a support. This really made me angry at myself.

How do you rate your overall performance today?

Aside from constantly having the Baron stolen, I think I played well today. But my failure to secure Baron really shook me up, and it affected my 'Cocoon' accuracy on the 3rd set. I'm angry at that as well. 

What do you think of Nunu as a jungler? You played him before but lost.

It's a shame that we lost, but I still can't get over it. We pulled him out on stage because our scrim results with him were good. Nunu heavily relies on his laners.

Will you play Nunu again if you get the chance?

I'll most likely receive criticism if I play him again... so I'll play him when everyone is least expecting it.

All 3 games during the series had the Elise vs Rek'Sai matchup in the jungle.

It's actually a very well-known matchup. In my opinion, Elise has the advantage in the current meta.

In the 1st set, PawN blindly picked Lucian into Taliyah. Is there a special reason for this?

Lucian doesn't really have an absolute "counter." So we picked him.

Your strength as a jungler comes from your champion pool. What're your opinions on Cho'Gath or Amumu?

CloudTemplar keeps trying to talk me into playing Amumu. I thought I only had 1 person who's trying to get me to lose, but I guess there's 2. 

I mean, if Elise is banned, it's possible to play champions like Cho'Gath in the jungle. We are open to the idea of playing Amumu, but he's at the bottom of our list.

The 2nd set was a very long game... but you guys ended up losing. How was the team reacting?

There were many reasons on why we lost that game. Personally, I couldn't pay attention to what anyone said after, as I was drowned in the thought of completely carrying the next game to redeem myself.

You constantly lost many 'smite battles' during the series. Do you feel pressure when fighting for objectives?

Personally, no. But my teammates were definitely feeling pressure because I got them constantly stolen.

On the 3rd set, when you guys were going for Baron, everyone in the team acted like an iron wall to defend it. 

The call made at the time was to stop just Alistar. But then, everyone just actively looked for ways to secure the Baron 100%.

To be honest, when your team is in the lead, it's better to avoid getting into a situation that warrants a 'smite battle'. My team did well during that situation. (Laughs)

Recently, KT has been following the pattern of struggling in the 2nd set to completely dominate on the 3rd set. Is this like, some sort of a strategy?

No, we are definitely not playing like that on purpose. When we lose our 2nd game, the players give and receive feedback to "push" ourselves for the 3rd game. And somehow, we almost always deliver. It could be because we are getting lucky.

Your remaining series are against LZ and SKT. If you guys are able to defeat both of them, you guys can end the regular split in 1st place. How will you prepare?

Smeb once said, "We are lacking points because a lot of our games are finished with a score of 2:1. But it also means that we played a lot more on stage compared to the other top teams[for more practice and experience]."

We will play a lot better from now on.

Many fans are starting to meme the players of KT in a good way. Does this help the players perform better? (Deft with his alpaca meme, and PawN with his Lord meme)

It's definitely fun seeing the fans react that way. I don't think it's really affecting our performance though.

Final words for the fans?

We have 2 series left for this split. And we will try and enter playoffs without dropping the 2nd set for those series. 


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