Experience the Great Valencian Desert! Photos of Black Desert Online booth at ChinaJoy 2017


At the ChinaJoy 2017 exhibition, almost all attendees were exposed to Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Online in some form. It was apparent how their Chinese partner, Snail, made a huge effort to make Black Desert Online known to Chinese gamers.

The Black Desert Online demo section and the contest took half of the main stage of their booth. All kinds of BDO products and art were displayed in the hallway, attracting many gamers to the booth. While Snail displayed many of their own games inside and outside of the booth, they were mainly focused on making Black Desert Online known to gamers.

The CEO of Pearl Abyss, Gyung-Il Jeong, and the chairman, Dae-Il Kim, along with other developers, joined ChinaJoy and held a press conference with the Chinese media. It was clear that Black Desert Online was in the limelight since its booth size and events were big. We captured some of BDO’s domination over most of Snail’s booth on our cameras.


▲ BDO demo section taking half of the main stage in their booth.
BDO event products on display.
Black Desert Online mousepad.
And the smiling Black Spirit plushie.
▲The Chinese version of the name ‘Black Desert Online’.
So many Black Spirits!
This was the most extraordinary part of the booth-
They set up a small Valencian Desert here.
Here are the Kamasylvian guards.  
You could play all the BDO classes in the demo.
If you wait in a line long enough...
...you’ll get a picture taken by the Kamasylvian guard.
Cute potions laid out on the ground.
Meanwhile, the game demo and PVP contest was being prepared on the main stage.
The BDO demo section.
After you’re done with the demo experience, you’ll get a free Black Spirit fan and a mouse pad!


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