Jaedong returns to SC:BW as a content creator for Kongdoo


On November 3rd, Kongdoo Company announced that Jaedong "Jaedong" Lee, StarCraft: Brood War & Starcraft 2 legend, will return to SC:BW as a content creator, on their website.


Drawing from his decade-long experience as a professional gamer, Jaedong will stream SC:BW starting this month and participate in event matches and leagues organized by Kongdoo.


Based on the company's wealth of experience in player management, Kongdoo promised to provide all the support he needs to start his new career, including access to their broadcasting studio, video editing, social media management, and more.


Through the announcement, Jaedong commented: "I don't think I've interacted with my fans enough during my playing career. I want to start returning the love you've shown me over the years. I am always grateful. I promise to work hard and make you all proud."


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