LZ GorillA feels that Janna isn't too great but made viable by Ardent Censer in 7.14

LZ GorillA might have been a Janna main, but he is more impressed at Ardent Censer than Janna herself in this patch.

On July 25th (KST), Longzhu Gaming swiftly defeated ROX Tigers in the second match of LCK Summer Split 2017 Day 36. Beomhyun "GorillA" Kang picked Morgana and Braum in Game 1 and 2 respectively and became the bulwark for the team.

Here is our interview with Beomhyun "GorillA" Kang.

Congratulations on your swift victory today.

I'm glad we finished the match early today. We have another match in two days. I'll have to rest and prepare well for the upcoming matches.

How did you prepare for the new patch?

We couldn't have much practice with the new patch. We didn't exactly prepare specifically for the matchup but tried to focus on the changes in Patch 7.14. We are still trying to find the good champions for this patch, and I think the teams that find such champions will do well in this patch.

You'll be facing Jin Air Green Wings next match.

I always think that JAG is a formidable opponent. I'm worried because not only we are not as well-practiced, but we'll also be in fatigue. However, beating JAG will give us a chance to get straight to the finals, so we'll do our best to prepare for the match.

How do you feel about your 6-match winning streak?

I haven't had a chance to celebrate a win streak like this. I think we are being more motivated because of all the acknowledgements.

What champions are you keeping an eye on for this patch?

In terms of supports, I think various champions, such as Taric and Morgana, are also possibilities. That's why I believe drafting also became more important. Our remaining matches will pit us against strong botlane duos, so we'll have to adjust quickly and find champions good for this patch. PraY and I will do our best to find the answer.

Although you were behind in the early game of Game 2, you made ROX act more passively by acting aggressively. How did you come to make plays like that?

Our pick may be weak during the early game, but as long as we don't fall behind too much in the early game we can win as soon as we get to the mid game. So their response is understandable somewhat. Our composition is not really all that passive or weak, so I think they might have been thrown off when we played aggressively.

Can you give us your opinion on KT and SSG?

As for KT, they still have their match against SKT T1 left, so we'll be cheering for SKT T1. As for SSG, they showed their weaknesses as they were defeated by KT. However, we won't be caught off guard because they are still a strong team.

KT picked Janna today in the first match of the day. As someone who used to main Janna, what is your opinion of her in this patch?

I personally think that Janna isn't that great. However, Ardent Censer is too strong; I also built it while I was playing Morgana. I think it's more about Ardent Censer rather than Janna. She does have some significant weaknessses, so I don't think she is really a high-tier support champion.

Thank you for the interview. Do you have anything else that you want to share?

Our second half of the split has been going great. We lost against JAG in the first half, but if we prepare well enough and defeat JAG this time, I think we can get both SSG and KT. We'll come prepared. Thank you!

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