BDO KR Patch Notes 7/20 - New Boss Monsters & Boss Gear; Kuno & Striker buffs



New Event: Mystic Pre-Character Creation
 - From 7/20 to 7/27.
 - Pre-Create a Mystic and receive rewards when the Mystic comes out.
 - Rewards: Horse Flute (7 days), 10 Valks’ Cry, 3 Item Collection Increase Scrolls, Gold Ingot 100G
 - Character Slot Expansion Coupon will be 50% off until Aug 3rd.

New Event: Mystic Customization
 - From 7/20 to 7/26 24:00
 - Share your Mystic customization to win an AMD graphic cards and BDO mouse pad.

[Characters - general]

The maximum number of available character slots has increased from 14 to 15.

You will need to use Character Slot Expansion Coupons after your 6th character.

If you have more characters than your maximum slots, you will need to delete some characters to create a new one.


The graphics for the Epheria Marine Costume and Le Vladian Underwear have been improved


Fixed an issue where Pila Fe Outlaw Clothes could not be dyed.


Fixed an issue where the dye for the Water Snow Flake Shortsword was not properly displayed while in combat mode.


Fixed an issue where the Musa could not use Forward Roll while in Crescent Blade combat mode

[Witch & Wizard]

The keepers will now disappear when 30 minutes pass after they have been summoned.



The Witch’s underwear will not show anymore when wearing the Marine Romance Costume and Lahr Arcien Underwear.

[Kunoichi & Ninja]

The Kunoichi can switch to Sah Chakram/Sura Katana more smoothly while using Shadow Slash


The damage that Lunar Dash deals has increased.

WP recovery for Lunar Dash has increased from 12 to 20.

WP recovery for Flow: Chakram Rise has increased from 12 to 25.

The damage that Sah Chakram Training deals has increased.

The Kunoichi will no longer collide with a friendly target while using Danse Macabre.

Required WP for Danse Macabre has decreased from 50 to 40.

Required WP for Wheel of Wrath has decreased.

Required WP for Lethal Spin Spree has decreased.

Required WP for Delighted Blast has decreased.

Required WP for the following skills has decreased from 50 to 40.
 - Chain Crash: Sah Chakram
 - Lunatic Discus
 - Flow: Chakram Rise

Halo will now Stun the targets instead of making them Stiff.

The Kunoichi can use the following skills more smoothly while using Lunar Veil.
 - Lunar Dash, Danse Macabre, Sah Spree of Sonan, Delighted Blast


The area of effect for the following skills has increased.
 - Skull Crusher
 - Rampaging Predator
 - Infernal Destruction

The “jumping” motion in Skull Crusher will be faster.

When the Striker jumps one more time by holding RMB while using Rampaging Predator, no WP is required.

The Striker will now have Super Armor during Land Buster

The Striker can now use Flash Step and Silent Step when they are on cooldown by spending 10 Martial Spirit Shards.

The Striker can use Hell Break and Massive Suppression more smoothly after Flash Step and Silent Step.

Air Smash effect will be applied for Flow: Savage Fang with successful hits.

The damage for the following skills has increased. (PvP only)
 - Infernal Destruction, Endless Fight, Hell Break, Ultimate Crush, Skull Crusher, Spiral Cannon, Endless Explosion, Rampaging Predator, Flow: Crosswind, Echo Spirit

The damage for Fallout has increased from 828% to 910%.

The damage for Ferocious Assault has increased from 839% to 922%.

The AP buff for the 3rd hit of Triple Kick IV and V has increased from +9 to +10.

Rampaging Predator will now have a 100% critical hit chance.

The Accuracy for Rampaging Predator has increased.



New boss gear, Urgon’s shoes, has been added.
 - Item effect: all damage reduced
 - You can obtain the gear by summoning Urgon with a Gaifinrasia Raid Captain Scroll. (The scroll is a reward for a newly added quest.)
 - Urgon’s Shoes will have set bonuses with other boss gear.


Some rewards for Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 have changed.

The EXP that the Black Spirit gains in Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 has increased.

Marni’s Stone has been added as a regular feature.
 - You can purchase Marni’s Stone from the NPC Toshi.
 - Level 60 to 61 characters can use Marni’s Stones as well. The types of Marni’s Stones that the characters can use depend on each character’s level.

The following changes have been applied for Rift of the Barbarian.
 - Black Harpy Elite’s AP and HP has decreased.
 - The spot where the monsters teleport when they are unable to move has been changed.
 - The HP of the monsters in stages 1 to 20 has decreased.
 - Dastard Bheg’s AP has decreased.
 - The points you can get in stages 1 to 5 has increased.
 - The monsters (except for boss monsters) have a chance to be stunned for 5 seconds when hit by cannons.
 - The points required for [Barbarian] Lynch Cannon Assembly Set has decreased.
 - The durability for the Rift Tower has increased.
 - The extra time before moving on to the next stage after a boss stage has increased to 30 seconds.
 - A 3-minute reentry cooldown has been added.

Guild Vice Masters can now receive Guild Welfare Money.

Fixed an issue where the length of a curtain went back to default.

The animation for some Tier 6 horses has been improved.


New boss monster Urgon has been added.
 - Complete [Special VI] The strongest Amazon or [Special VI] Against Urgon to meet Urgon.
 - Gaifinrasia Raid Captain Urgon will carry another boss monster, Rour Lavi, on his back.
 - When Urgon takes a certain amount of damage, he will fall down and Rour Lavi will come down from Urgon’s back to start another battle.
 - After that, Rour Lavi will change his weapon and resurrect Urgon to fight for him again.

New boss monster Ronin has been added.
 - Complete [Special VI] The Rulers of the Forest or [Special VI] Against Ronin to meet Ronin.
 - Ronin is the guardian of Forest Ronaros and will fight with a spear and a shield in his hands.
 - Ronin has different patterns, including counter attacks.

[Quest and Knowledge]

New quest [Inventory Expansion] A must-have for Adventures has been added.
 - You will be able to receive the quest from the Black Spirit after completing Meeting Protocol III.
 - The quest will give you 8 Inventory Expansion Coupons.
 - If you already have all 192 Inventory slots expanded, please contact us regarding the refund for any unused expansion coupons.

New Special Quests have been added.
 - The new quests will give you newly-added boss summon scrolls. The scrolls will allow you to face powerful boss monsters at Forest Ronaros and Gaifinrasia Shrine.
 - [Special VI] The Rulers of the Forest
 - [Special VI] Against Ronin
 - Complete [Co-op] Proof of Courage and talk to the Black Spirit to receive the [Special VI] The Rulers of the Forest quest. If you have acquired Ronin knowledge, you will be able to receive [Special VI] Against Ronin.
 - [Special VI] The Strongest Amazon
 - [Special VI] Against Urgon
 - Complete “Token of Promise”, one of the Kamasylvia Part 2 main quests, and talk to the Black Spirit to receive the [Special VI] The Strongest Amazon quest. If you have acquired Urgon knowledge, you will be able to receive [Special VI] Against Urgon.
 - New Special quests that you can complete without killing the associated monsters have been added.
 - [Special V] Facing Ahib’s Griffon
 - [Special IV] Facing Nark Brishka

The goal for [Event] New Cannoneers Wanted! has changed.
 - Exchange Terrmian Coins with Coconut Cannons, place the Cannons, and hit the target to complete the quest.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to acquire “Kamasylven myth” knowledge from the Old Wisdom Tree Bookshelf.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to complete the Healing Light quest.

[Background and NPC]

New NPCs, the Garnier Troupe, have been added in Velia, Heidel, and Calpheon.
 - The NPCs will shoot fireworks to the sky on special days.

New NPC, Worker Supervisor Mashu, has been added in Old Wisdom Tree.
 - Click the “Contract Workers” button to hire Kamasylven workers.

Fixed an issue where some places in Pila Ku jail were displayed as Kantusa Desert.


New descriptions regarding the rules and rewards have been added in the Rift of the Barbarian window.

Fixed an issue where the scroll bar in the dialogue window did not work when the font was very small.

In the character interaction menu, “invite to party” and “invite to guild” options will not be triggered by the R key anymore.

Instructions on how to use the coconut cannon will appear on the top of the screen when you interact with coconut cannons.

Fixed an issue where the in-game time was not properly displayed in the World Map menu.
Purchase window in Pearl Shop will be larger.


Skill effects will now be properly applied after typing /reloadui, and /reloadui will not reload the whole screen anymore.

[Details on the new boss gear]


* Please note that the terms/names used in this post are not official and are subject to change when they are live in the NA/EU server.  

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