New Boss Gear Urgon’s Shoes updated in Black Desert Online KR

* Entire Patch Notes (translated):

New Boss Gear has been added in Black Desert Online KR on July 20th. Urgon’s Shoes’ base DP is 6, which is higher than the DP of Muskan’s Shoes. The base item effect is all damage reduction, and the effect will increase as enhancement level goes up. Urgon’s Shoes also has set bonuses with the other boss hears like Giath/Griffon Helmet, Red Nose/Tree Spirit Armor, ahd Bheg’s Gloves.

Urgon’s Shoes can be looted from Urgon, a newly added boss that can be summoned by Gaifinrasia Raid Captain Scroll. (The Scroll is a reward for a newly added quest.)

Urgon carries another boss, Rour Lavi, on his back. When Urgon takes a certain amount of damage, Rour Lavi will come down from Urgon’s back to start another battle. After that, Rour Lavi will change his weapon and resurrect Urgon to fight for him again.


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Video: New Bosses Urgon and Rour Lavi


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