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Today, InvenGlobal is announcing the first in our series of Overwatch Clip contests! With thousands of high-quality clips buzzing around the web every day, InvenGlobal is giving you an opportunity to share yours with the world! The best clips will be determined by our panel of judges every week and put on display for all to see. Multiple winners will be chosen every week and be awarded $20 in Blizzard balance! 

This months clip categories:

Outplay or Skillful 

Submit your best Overwatch moment that highlights an incredibly skillful or team play moment. All clips involving slick maneuvers, inhuman aim, or otherwise spectacular moments of Overwatch domination should be submitted under this category.

This Mei clip represents a stylish and effective play that protects his allied Mercy from certain death. A perfect example of a skillful clip.

Funny Or LuckyDid a stray Hanzo arrow headshot a blinking Tracer? Perhaps Genji decided to Dragon Blade directly into a RIP Tire? Whatever improbable or comical moment you've captured, we want to see it!

This hilarious moment is exactly the type of clip that would win in the Funny or Lucky category.

Contest rules

- All submitted clips must originate from or include the player submitting them for the contest. The battle.net ID provided for prize delivery must match with a player the clip showcases.

- Participants who upload a clip that does not feature them or was not originally recorded by them will be disqualified. If the submitted clip is plagiarized, intentionally or unintentionally, it will be disqualified from the contest.

- If a clip wins in any of the weekly categories, it is ineligible for further submission. In addition to this, all clips submissions that do not win are automatically eligible for placement each week. 

- There will be two winners every week from each category. All clips will be considered and reviewed by InvenGlobal staff.

Submission Details

- Clips can be submitted via YouTube, Twitch.tv, or GIF links. To create a GIF of your clip, upload your raw video file to giphy.com or any similar GIF hosting portal. We greatly appreciate making it easier for us to view your clips.

- Clips can be submitted by e-mail to overwatch@invenglobal.com.

- Clips can also be submitted on the InvenGlobal Overwatch forum by creating a new topic titled "Overwatch Clip Contest: Week 4 - (NAME OF YOUR CLIP)

- When submitting, please include a valid B.net account name as well.

Schedule for Week #5

August 15th - Submission open for week #5

August 21st - Winners of Week #5 revealed


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