BDO KR Patch Notes July 13th: Changes in the Karma system and 2nd Anniversary Events


[Pearl Shop Update]

New Costumes for Ninja, Dark Knight, and Striker have been added. (Visit here to see the newly added costumes)


New Event: 2nd Anniversary! Pearl Shop Sale Festival Event.
 - From 7.13 to 8.3
 - View different items with reduced prices to celebrate the 2nd anniversary.

New Event: 2nd Anniversary; Thanks to you
 - From 7.13 to 8.3
 - Collect BDO 2nd Anniversary Gift Boxes and enjoy beautiful fireworks.

New Event: Summer Double Reward Event for New & Returning Players
 - From 7.13 to 8.31
 - Join or return to BDO right now to receive additional rewards for new/returning players

[Characters - general]

The distance which a character moves forward after using Terrmian Coconut has decreased.

Fixed an issue where a character level 49 or below could not use Coconut Cannons.

The Skills that the characters or the Keepers use will not affect the event-specific monsters like Terrmian Wing Balloon.

Fixed an issue where the characters appeared to be wearing a costume after you switch to the Customization screen from View Underwear mode.


New key command for Flow: Ancient Wave has been added.
 - Shift + S + RMB
 - S during Titan Blow will still work too.

You can now use Flow: Split Shot after using Flow: Ancient Wave.

Stamina usage for Evasion has decreased from 350 to 250.


The graphical effects for Musa’s Soul will disappear when the Musa is horseriding.

Fixed an issue where Forward Roll was used with key commands during Crescent Blade mode even when the key command for the skill was locked.


The graphical effects for General Apricot will disappear when the Maehwa is horseriding.

WP usage for Tenacious Edge I has decreased from 25 to 20.

WP usage for Moonrise I and II has decreased.
 - Moonrise I : 40 -> 30
 - Moonrise II : 40 -> 35

WP usage for Sticky Snowflake I and II has decreased.
 - Sticky Snowflake I : 40 -> 30
 - Sticky Snowflake II : 40 -> 35

WP usage for Frost Pillars has decreased.
 - Frost Pillars I : 35 -> 30
 - Frost Pillars II : 40 -> 35
 - Frost Pillars III : 45 -> 40

WP usage for Petal Drill I has decreased from 40 to 35.


Fixed an issue where the Witch’s tooth looked unnatural with Face Type #3, 4, and 5.


Fixed an issue where the Marine Romance Hat made the Kunoichi’s hair texture clip in low graphical settings.


Fixed an issue where the forward hit for Wind Slash VI could not deal damage properly.

Fixed an issue where the special motion for Kibelius Set A did not work properly.


New Wagon parts (blue rarity) for the Peridot Path Wagon have been added.
 - Path Wagon Wheel, Path Wagon Cover, Path Wagon Flag, Path Wagon Badge
 - The parts can be crafted in the Tier 4 Wagon Parts Workshop in Grana 3, 2nd floor.

You can no longer choose the Enhancement Type for (Ultimate) Basteer weapons and Basteer off-hand weapons.

Fixed an issue where the following items could not be moved in the Placement mode.
 - Sweet Cone Wall Decor
 - Sweet Wreath Wall Decor

The description about set bonuses has been removed from the following items.
 - Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch
 - Barhan’s Ring of Conquest
 - Manmehan’s Ring of Gold
 - Saya’s Ring of Eternity

The categories for the following fish have been edited.
 - Grunt: Rare Fish
 - Golden Thread: Big Fish


The Karma system has been adjusted.
 - When a player with higher AP&DP kills a player with lower AP/DP, more Karma Points will drop.
 - When calculating AP, the higher one between main AP and awakening AP will be calculated.
85,000 to 204,000 Karma Points will drop, depending on the difference in AP/DP of the two characters involved in PK.
 - When a character with lower AP&DP kills a character with higher AP&DP, 85,000 Karma will drop.
 - Regardless of the result of the fight, initiating PK first will cause you to lose 10,000 Karma, which is the same amount as before.
 - Killing the opponent who initiated PK first will not cause you to lose your Karma.

The Guild welfare system has been adjusted.
 - Guild welfare money will not be given to the guilds automatically anymore. You must open the Guild menu to receive the money.
 - Guild welfare money is available from Monday 00:00 AM. A system message will pop up when the money becomes available.
 - 10 or more guild members must be online to receive the welfare money.
 - Please refresh and try again if you cannot receive the welfare money even when 10 or more members are online.
 - Only the Guild Leader can receive the welfare money.

Fixed an issue where the damage dealt by ships on ocean monsters was not applied properly.

The following changes are applied to the Savage Rift.
 - The maximum number of players who can participate in Savage Rift has increased to 15.
 - The players who do not show any movement or change in HP will be removed from the game. However, this is not applicable when the player is on a Flame Tower.
 - The monsters in Savage Rift have become more powerful.
 - The boss monsters that appear in stages 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 will summon other monsters.
 - Black Harpy Elites will appear in stages 8, 13, 18, 23.
 - The damage for [Savage] Musket and [Savage] Enhanced Musket has decreased from 3000 to 2200 and from 5000 to 4000, respectively.
 - The monsters will be more resistant to the Flame Tower’s knockback as the stage goes up.
 - Giant Swamp Fogans will not be pushed back by the Musket anymore.
 - The Rift’s attack area has increased.
 - The descriptions for rules and rewards have been added in the Savage Rift window.
 - Fixed an issue where monsters appeared simultaneously.
 - Fixed an issue where the durability for barricades did not decrease when Bheg, Titium, and Org attacked the barricades.
 - Fixed an issue where the barricades installed by a certain player disappeared when the players went offline.

Fixed an issue where some Nodes could not be liberated.

The following Tier 2 Workshops have been added in Grana.
 - Tier 2 Fish Workshop: Grana 7, Grana 17
 - Tier 2 Mushroom Workshop: Grana 7, Grana 10
 - Tier 2 Crop Workshop: Grana 16, Grana 17
 - Tier 2 Timber Workshop: Grana 9
 - Tier 2 Mineral Workshop: Grana 15
 - The above Workshops can produce 5 times more results using 5 times more materials.
 - Processing time will be longer than that of the regular Workshops.

The types of the fish you can get from the pond in Southwestern Calpheon have changed.


The types of the mushrooms you can get from Polly’s Forest have changed.
 - Mushroom Spore, Rainbow Mushroom, Blue Mushroom, White Mushroom, Green Stalked Puffball, White Flower Mushroom, Truffle
 - You can gather the mushrooms from the monsters at Polly Forest after killing them.

Fixed an issue where you could not aim at Dark Blue Mushroom.

[Quest and Knowledge]

The following repeatable Kamasylvia quests have been added in the Quest menu.
 - [Repeat] Unwincing Tenacity
 - [Repeat] Struggle for the Forest
 - [Repeat] The Most Beautiful Feather
 - [Repeat] Covered in Black Oil
 - [Repeat] Symbol of Valor
 - [Repeat] Intact Research Material
 - [Repeat] Mysterious Competitor
 - [Repeat] Nutritious Meal for the Wounded
 - [Repeat] Evidence of Someone
 - [Repeat] Bold Investment
 - [Repeat] Good Old Friends
 - [Repeat] A Strange Creation of the Forest
 - [Repeat] Intact Ronaros’ Weapon
 - [Repeat] Anat’s Music Scales
 - [Repeat] Cherish the Little Ones
 - [Repeat] Performance for the Spirits
 - [Repeat] Keep the Deadline
 - [Repeat] The Master of Acting
 - [Repeat] Delivering Carrots
 - [Repeat] Elixir of Tranquility
 - [Repeat] You Need to Eat to Fly
- [Repeat] A delicacy of the Lake
 - [Repeat] The beauty of Waiting

New quests have been added in the Kamasylvia region.
 - You can receive the below quests from NPC Momelies after completing all Kamasylvia Part 2 main quests and acquiring the associated Knowledge from a certain object.
 - A Nameless Hero
 - Scroll of the Darkness of the Moon
 - How to Break the Seal
 - Bright Blue Light
 - A Forbidden Name
 - Scroll of the Light of the Sun
 - Seal of Kamasylven Saints
 - A child of the Sun and the Moon
 - Branch of Kamasylve

New Life Skill quests have been added in Flondor Lake, Kamasylvia.
 - You can receive the below quests from the NPC near Flondor Lake when you are level 56 or above.
 - Timbers Needed to Repair Wagons
 - Carrying the Timbers on a Cart
 - While I have you here
 - Flowers in the Flower Garden
 - A Shiny Piece in the Lake
 - Where are the rest?
 - Timbers as well as Firdwoods

You can now choose Coconut or Fig as a reward for the following quests.
 - [Daily] For the Desert Travelers
 - [Daily] Must-have for Desert Travelers

Fixed an issue where the name of the target NPC for the [Daily] Quenching Thirst Before the Match quest was wrong.

The description for the [Awakening Weapon] Enhancement will make you stronger! quest has been edited.

Fixed an issue where you received 2 Terrmian Festival Tickets.

The Knowledge Category for Sunfish has changed to Big Fish.

Fixed an issue where one the ingredients for [Guild] Juicy Fruits was displayed as Fig instead of Olive.

[Background and NPC]

The Pirate Scarecrows in Terrmian Water Park have been relocated.

Fixed an issue where you could not move near the cliff while walking towards the diving board.

Fixed an issue where golden treasure boxes disappeared.

Fixed an issue where NPC Colodu grew taller when you bump into him or greet him.

NPC Girgo Viano has been added in Acher Guard Post.


Fixed an issue where the icon for Wooden Fence Gate was displayed as a Flame Tower icon in the World Map during Conquest/Node Wars.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to chat or your previous dialogue disappeared after scrolling down to the bottom in the chat window while in Simple UI mode.


Fixed an issue where you could not transport your character to another village in some villages.

[New Costumes]


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