New Costumes for Ninja, Dark Knight, and Striker in Black Desert Online KR!

New costumes for the Ninja, Dark Knight, and Striker were added in Black Desert Online KR on July 13th. The Ninja’s costume is an original design called the ‘Yurei’, 'Kibelius' for the Dark Knight, and 'Karlstein' for the Striker. 

The Ninja’s ‘Yurei’ is an Awakening set with armour and helmet included. The Dark Knight’s 'Kibelius' has winged version A and wingless version B, just like other classes. Again, the Striker’s 'Karlstein' is the same as other classes, with no Awakened weapon included. 



[Ninja: Yurei]




[Dark Knight: Kibelius]




[Striker: Karlstein]


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