Get Battle.net gift card by leaving your supporting comments from Hearthstone Invitational



Global Inven offers Battle.net gift card to you!

For the upcoming league of the Hearthstone Invitational between C9 and the KR All Stars at 7:00PM on June 17th, Global Inven has prepared the supporting comments event for both teams.

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Leave a message to your favorite player or team in the comment section of this article below! We will draw 10 lucky participants and send them $20 Battle.net gift card codes.

Enjoy some good matches, and get Battle.net gift card!


Hearthstone Invitational Live Twitch stream channel

Eloise’s Twitch channel

Inven Global Twitch channel



- Leave a supporting comment for either C9 or the KR All Stars or leave a prediction of who you think will win in the comment section of this article below, and your entry is confirmed
- 10 participants are randomly drawn and given the prizes
- Prizes: $20 Battle.net gift card code only usable in the NA server (given via social network messengers)
- When: June 15th 2017 - midnight June 17th


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