Hearthstone Inven Invitational to be held on June 17th



The best Hearthstone players clash!

The Hearthstone Inven Invitational, a professional competitive game for Blizzard’s fast-paced strategy card game Hearthstone, will be held on June 17th, 2017. The game will be hosted by Inven Global, and the KR All-Star team and Cloud9 will be competing against each other.

Alenxander “Kolento” Malsh, Andrew “TIDESOFTIME” Biessener, and Sanghyun “DDaHyoNi” Baek will be playing for Cloud9. To play against the pros at C9, Hakjun “Kranich” Baek, Hyunsoo “Flurry” Cho, and Ilmuk “handsomeguy” Kang are invited to the KR All-Star team.



The best Hearthstone players are sure to show some impressive decks and strategies during the match. The match will be a 3vs3 online match where the winner moves on to the next battle. The players will register their decks, composed of three different classes, prior to the match.

The match will be in the 4 decks-1 ban Standard format, and in the Conquest format. If one player wins a game, the deck which the player used in that specific game cannot be used in the match anymore. To win the match, the players must win 3 games with 3 different decks.

The match will be available to watch via live-stream starting from June 17th, 7pm, through Inven Global’s Twitch channel.



◆ Hearthstone Inven Invitational

■ Rules
Standard Format
4 decks 1 ban
Conquest Format

■ Prizes
Winner – 3,000,000 KRW (2700 USD)
Loser – 1,000,000 KRW (900 USD)

■ Participating Players
Cloud9 – Kolento, TIDESOFTIME, DDaHyoNi
KR All-Star – Kranich, Flurry, handsomeguy

■ Live stream
Inven Global Twitch, on June 17th (Sat) 7pm.



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