[MSI2017] SKT Bang: "I don't think I played that cleanly today."


SKT Bang felt that he could have played better in the semifinals.

On May 19th (PDT) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; SK Telecom T1 sweeped Flash Wolves in the first semifinals of Mid-Season Invitational 2017. After the match, Junsik "Bang" Bae was interviewed by OGN for his thoughts.

Although the match ended with a 3-0, Bang wanted to play even better: "I don't think I've been doing too well lately. As much as I wanted to, I don't think I played that cleanly today. I've made some mistakes, especially with Caitlyn's 90-Caliber Net in the first game."

Although Flash Wolves had the fame of being the 'Korean Killers', Bang didn't think much of it: "I didn't care. I knew they were called 'Korean Killers', but I always thought that we were better."

Bang is currently undefeated with Twitch in the MSI, and he had much to share about the champion: "Twitch isn't too bad in the laning phase, but he is much better than other ADCs in the late game. I didn't know that I'll get a chance to play Twitch today, but I'm glad that I had a chance to play with him."

When asked for his opinion on tomorrow's match between G2 and WE, he showed uncertainty: "I honestly don't know. They are both very good teams."

Finally, he ended the interview with a wish: "We often felt pressure going into international tournaments, but it's much better than it had been for this MSI. I want to finish the tournament as cleanly as possible and go back to Korea as the winner."



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