GEN Chovy: "My goal is to win Worlds and keep being called the best mid laner in the world."


Gen.G continues to sail smoothly through the 2024 season, clinching the MSI trophy following their 2024 LCK Spring win. On May 19th, Gen.G defeated Bilibili Gaming, the reigning champions of China, with a score of 3-1 in the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational finals held in Chengdu, China. This victory marks Gen.G's first international title since rebranding and the first international win for all players except Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu. After the match, Gen.G members joined the media to answer questions.



(To Chovy) How did you feel at the moment of victory? What does this MSI win mean to you?


Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon: At the moment of victory, I felt a rush of emotions, thinking I finally won an international title. I was overwhelmed with joy. Now, I am full of confidence that we can perform well in any future matches.


(To Peyz) What do you think about the success you've experienced so far? What are your future expectations?


Kim “Peyz” Su-hwan: Last year, I feel like I seized 2 out of 4 opportunities. This year, I want to seize every opportunity and win all tournaments.


(To Chovy) Do you think this MSI win could lead to achieving the Grand Slam?


Chovy: If we win the Summer split, we get the chance to go for the Grand Slam, so I'll keep working hard to seize that opportunity.


(To Canyon) You've added an MSI championship to your career achievements. Do you consider yourself one of the greatest junglers ever, or do you think there's still room for improvement?


Canyon: I'm really happy to have built my career with this MSI win. Regarding the title, I believe that what remains for a pro is their career achievements, so I think it's important to keep working hard and aim to win all upcoming tournaments.


(To Lehends) You were named Finals MVP. What was your secret to performing so well with champions like Blitzcrank and Maokai?


Son “Lehends” Si-woo: I always think about how to do my best to win. I believe the good results came from attempting many things during practice.


(To KIM) How do you think Gen.G has grown through this MSI journey?


Head Coach Kim “KIM” Jeong-soo: Seeing foreign teams confidently pick a variety of champions, we also practiced a lot of different champions. We practiced and used Maokai, Blitzcrank, Nidalee, and Karthus. Although it didn't appear, Canyon even practiced Shaco. We learned that diversity through this MSI.



(To Canyon) What was the reason behind picking Karthus in Game 1?


Canyon: Since we picked Nidalee in the previous game, I thought AP champions might get banned in the second phase, so I practiced Karthus. I thought Bilibili Gaming preferred teamfights over side plays, and Karthus is effective in teamfight stages.


(To Chovy) How do you feel about winning your first international title, and what are your future goals?


Chovy: I'm really happy to win an international title. I'm confident that I can do well in Worlds this year.


LCK won MSI for the first time in seven years. How do you feel about that?


Lehends: After winning Spring, although we had good results, I wasn't sure if we could win MSI. I think we achieved good results because everyone worked hard until the end.


(To KIM) How would you compare the 2018 IG team to the 2024 Gen.G team? Which team do you think is stronger?


KIM: Both IG and Gen.G have excellent players, and I don't want to compare them. Winning Worlds was an incredible experience, and today's MSI with Gen.G players was also a great experience. It’s incomparable. Each year with the players has been rewarding.


(To KIM) What do you think was the key reason behind winning MSI?


KIM: The players were veterans from the beginning. They knew how to win games and had good strategies. They joined without any shortcomings, so we could become a team quickly. The coaches and I supported them well. I think the players showed excellent performance today, which led to our victory.



(To Kiin) How does the MSI win differ from winning the LCK? How did it feel to face Bin?


Kiin: Winning the LCK felt like achieving something unattainable since it was my first win, while the MSI win gave me the confidence to take a step further. Bin played well, but I think we performed better as a team. I'm satisfied.


(To Chovy) You are being called the best mid laner in the world after this win. What are your future goals?


Chovy: I think I've shown a level of performance worthy of such a good title at the moment. My goal is to win Worlds and keep being called the best mid laner in the world.


(To Canyon) Bilibili Gaming kept attempting backdoor plays in Game 4. What was discussed during that time?


Canyon: When both Nexus towers were destroyed, we luckily caught Tristana and secured Baron. We waited until the inhibitors respawned, then kept the opponent's teleport wards in mind and played accordingly. Fortunately, we won the teamfight and secured the victory.

(To Canyon) You won both Worlds and MSI in China. How do you feel about that? You’re also the first jungler to achieve the career Grand Slam. What are your thoughts?


Canyon: Winning international tournaments in China makes me feel good things happen whenever I come here. Achieving the career Grand Slam makes me really happy, and I feel confident that I can perform well in the remaining tournaments.


(To Kiin) Bin mentioned in an interview before the finals that you were a tier below Zeus. How do you feel about that?


Kiin: I don't pay much attention to such interviews. I think I'm better since I won today.


(To KIM) Which player were you most cautious of, and how did you plan to counter him?


KIM: As seen in the draft, we consistently banned Ahri and Taliyah. I thought knight played those champions exceptionally well. We also thought a lot about the bot lane matchup. Bin is good with Camille, Jax, and Twisted Fate, but we couldn't focus on them in the first phase, so we targeted them in the second phase. In the first phase, we aimed to draft strong champions in the mid and bot lanes, and I think it worked well. Strategically, we knew they liked to snowball and gain advantages in the late game, but we believed we could outmaneuver them in terms of macro.


(To Kiin) After a long career without any championships, you have won both the LCK and MSI this year. What's the difference between the Kiin who struggled at the final hurdle before and the Kiin now?


Kiin: In the past, I felt like I forgot how to win or execute winning strategies, but this year, continuously winning with the team has taught me a lot about how to achieve victory.


(To Kiin) In the final moments of Game 4, you sold your item to buy a ward and defend against backdoor attempts. What was your reasoning behind that decision?


Kiin: I thought our main team's fight was stronger, so I believed the opponent would definitely go for a backdoor. Therefore, I set up a teleport point at home and went out to contest the objectives.


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