GEN Chovy: "Considering that it hasn't been long since we started playing together, I think we're doing well."


The 2024 LCK Spring Split match between Gen.G and OK BRION concluded with a 2-0 victory for Gen.G. Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon, who showcased outstanding gameplay, was selected as the Player of the Game for game 2. Chovy and head coach Kim "KIM" Jeong-soo answered questions from the media after the match.



Congratulations on the 3rd consecutive win. Thoughts?


Chovy: It feels good to start with a 3-0 record after the opening. We have a very positive atmosphere. It feels that there are various advantages for us


KIM: I'm happy to start with a 3-0 record. However, since it's still early, we need to play and win more games to feel at ease.


Considering the current performance, do you think the team is doing well? How would you evaluate the team's current form?


KIM: The players are performing well, and although there are minor fluctuations in performance, overall, I think it's decent. Both in scrims and official matches, they are showing good performances, and I am satisfied. If the players continue to synchronize, I believe it will get even better.


Chovy, what are your thoughts? How do you assess the team's completeness at the moment?


Chovy: Considering that it hasn't been long since we started playing together, I think we're doing well. However, as the standards get higher, you start noticing areas for improvement. Even today, while playing, I identified areas for improvement, so I believe we can come back stronger in the next match.


In game 2, you played Jayce and focused on newly released items in 2024. Why this build? What are its strengths?


Chovy: Previously, there was a build with Shojin's Spear on Jayce for double poking. Since Jayce can't double-poke anymore, I decided that it's better to hit hard at once. Several new items were a good fit with Jayce, and that’s probably why it looked like that.


The next match is against Dplus KIA. Your thoughts?


KIM: Dplus KIA is doing well. They performed well in scrims, and their damage dealers are strong. We need to prepare well as a team if we want to beat them.


ShowMaker and Canyon will meet as opponents. You’ve coached them both during your tenure in DAMWON. What interesting points do you see as a coach?


KIM: They are so close. It feels like it's their first time apart this year. Both seem slightly excited. They both really want to win against each other. Since both ShowMaker and Canyon have excellent pro mindsets, the post-match interviews will be interesting.


Chovy, how do you plan to approach the match against Dplus KIA?


Chovy: Watching DK's matches after their roster changes, I think they are definitely showing a better performance. In the next match, I don't think there's a clear favorite; both teams are strong, and it will be a good match. However, we will make sure to prepare well and aim for a 4th consecutive win.


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