GEN Lehends: "Chovy has improved a lot compared to 2022."


On Jan. 17, Gen.G and T1 clashed in the 2024 LCK Spring Split. After an intense battle, Gen.G emerged victorious with a 2-1 win over T1. Gen.G, having faced a disappointing defeat in Game 1, secured victories in the following two games, marking their first win of the season. Head coach Kim "KIM" Jeong-soo and Son "Lehends" Si-woo, who visited the press room after the match, shared their thoughts on the first win.



Thoughts on the victory?


KIM: It was a very challenging game but winning feels good. Despite the difficulty, I'm thrilled because we practiced to face T1 for quite a long time, and the results turned out well.


Lehends: It's regrettable that we couldn't dominate in all three games. As much as it's disappointing, I feel confident that we can do better. It's a mix of emotions.


Where did you feel lacking?


Lehends: Our vision control and team fights were lacking. The games 2 and 3 followed a similar trajectory of shortcomings.


(To KIM) How is the synergy with the new players in official games compared to scrims?


KIM: All the players are veterans and good at the game. They each know what to do. While their individual skills were good during scrims, they admit that the synergy is still lacking. Since today was the first game and the first time facing T1, we discussed aligning better in the future. With experienced players, once the synergy is there, we should perform even better.


(To Lehends) Thoughts on winning the comeback match with Gen.G?


Lehends: It feels good to win the game, and last year's performance was disappointing. This year, I want to have an enjoyable and fulfilling year, learning a lot from my teammates.


(To KIM) Winning the comeback match after a long break, especially against T1 as the first opponent, must have been challenging. How does it feel to come back and win?


KIM: It feels really good to come back after a long time and win. Winning against a strong team like T1 makes it even more satisfying. I'm happy to have successfully buttoned up the first game.


Gen.G has KIM, Mata, and Helper as coaches now. How is the coaching staff divided in terms of responsibilities?


KIM: Rather than strict division of tasks, all the coaches are exceptional in their own right. They have rich experience, both as players and coaches. Helper, in particular, is experienced and already doing well independently. Instead of strict division, we work together, complementing each other. I oversee the overall aspects, Mata focuses on detailed vision in the bot lane, and Helper primarily looks at the top side. We coordinate and complement each other.


(To Lehends) How are 2022 Gen.G and this year's Gen.G different?


Lehends: In my opinion, Chovy has improved a lot compared to 2022. [Laughs] Is that too obvious? Because of that, I can learn a lot. While there were certainly outstanding players in 2022 from whom I could learn, this time, there's a difference in being able to learn in a different direction due to the presence of players excelling in different aspects.


Any final words?


Lehends: Closing the first game with a win, I think we've fastened the first button well. I believe it's important to end the year with a smile, so I'll strive to make it an enjoyable year for the fans.


KIM: Today's victory was the result of both coaches working really hard. I want to express my gratitude. The players also worked hard. I consider this victory a result of everyone concentrating and working hard together. Now that it's just the beginning, we'll prepare diligently for the remaining games and show a good performance.

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