GEN Score: "As the head coach, it's my fault."

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The second quarterfinals match at the 2023 LoL World Championship was between Gen.G and Bilibili Gaming. The two teams fought fiercely as the game went on to game 5, and Bilibili Gaming reigned victorious. Although Gen.G passed the Swiss Stage with a 3-0 record, they fell to Bilibili Gaming for the second time on an international stage. After the match, Gen.G head coach Go “Score” Dong-bin joined the media for an interview.



You faced a tough loss today. What do you think was the reason?


The compositions I prepared for games 1 and 2 didn’t work out well. What I prepared seems to have been wrong. The players were in good form today, but I wasn’t able to enable them to fully perform. I thought we needed to show a more flexible composition, and as the head coach, it's my fault.


Why did you pick the red side in game 2?


The coaching staff gave a lot of thought. Considering the bans we prepared, we thought we needed to play on the red side at least once to balance out our draft strategy.


You were one of the heaviest favorites, but your journey ends here. How do you feel?


Since people kept considering us as favorites, I wanted to get higher, and I believed we could, but it’s very regretful that we’re eliminated this early and that there’s still a lot that we could have shown.


How was the draft strategy today? Many people say that the draft in game 2 was odd.


For the most part, it went as we planned, but the execution difficulty was too hard. Most importantly, our preparation for facing Renata Glasc wasn’t good enough.


What lacked in game 5 that made you lose?


We dealt well with difficult situations in the early game, so we were quite advantageous. However, after we lost a few skirmishes, the opponent’s composition got more solid, and it became a hard composition to beat.


Do you think having to rest so long after the Swiss Stage made your performance decline?


I don’t think that’s the case at all. What we had been preparing from the beginning through the Swiss Stage didn’t work out well today.


What do you think Gen.G needs to improve to get better results on international stages?


Rather than talking about what Gen.G needs to improve, I’d like to discuss myself. Whenever I was on an international stage, I was eliminated early. The environments to prepare for domestic competitions and international competitions are completely different, and I wasn’t able to adapt well as the head coach. The players always worked hard, so they deserve more, and it’s regretful.


Do you think the players should have had a stronger mentality in game 5? Do you think Gen.G can do better next year?


It could seem that the players lost games 1 and 2 rather helplessly, but the composition was difficult, and I don’t think their mentalities were affected. Gen.G always has the potential to do well on international stages. Unfortunately, our year has come to an end, but I believe Gen.G can do better next year.


Do you think the experience of meeting BLG at MSI affected today’s performance or preparation?


Losing to BLG at MSI and losing today feel much different. I don’t think it affected today.

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