TL Pyosik: "Deft and CoreJJ are quite similar in a way. You can feel their deep dedication to LoL."


As we stand on the brink of the 2023 LoL World Championship Swiss Stage, interviews with players are taking place. Inven had the privilege of sitting down with Team Liquid's jungler, Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon. In his first year transitioning to the LCS, Pyosik reached his third Worlds. Pyosik expressed that he’d like to take away good memories only from Worlds.



It’s been a while since you’ve been at LoL Park. The Swiss Stage will be held at a different venue, but how do you feel about playing at Worlds in Korea?


It’s been a year since I’ve been here, and it has changed a lot. One year made a big difference. About playing at Worlds in Korea, rather than feeling nervous about it, I’m kind of excited. The past two Worlds I’ve been to were held abroad, and it was a bit uncomfortable because of the language barrier. Now that it’s in Korea, it’s much easier for me and I know everywhere, so it’s really comfortable.


There were ups and downs in your journey to Worlds. How was this year?


When I first joined Team Liquid, I was confident that we’d be able to finish undefeated in 1st place in both the spring and summer seasons. However, when we actually got into the games, it was really difficult in the spring, and the summer was clunky as well. Also, the LCS plays Bo1s, and I don’t think I adapted very well to it. Fortunately, the team synergy improved later in the summer, so we were able to make it to Worlds.


What has been the most significant difference between your expectations before joining the LCS and the reality you've experienced?


When I first arrived, I had a plan and was doing what I thought was right, but strangely, things didn't seem to work out quite as well. I thought it would get better over time, but the more time passed, the less it felt like a good fit. It was tough because everyone had different ideas, but we eventually unified our opinions and continued in that direction, and that probably led us to Worlds.


Last year, you played alongside veteran Deft in DRX, and this year you're with another veteran, CoreJJ. Are there any commonalities or differences between these two players?


I wouldn't say there's a tremendous difference; in fact, Deft and CoreJJ are quite similar in a way. You can feel their deep dedication to League of Legends, not just when they're playing the game but also in their everyday lives. Having veteran players like them is great from my perspective. It's quite reassuring since they take care of the draft themselves. I got carried last year, and I think it’s happening again this year. [Laughs]


On the other hand, your mid and bot laners are rookies. It's their first time at Worlds. How do you feel about these two players? Are they nervous?


I hope they're at least a little nervous. These guys always seem to be brimming with confidence. [Laughs] It might be an American thing. Confidence over humility. So, I just hope they perform well.


T1 is your first opponent in the Swiss Stage. Your reactions to the group draw were quite intriguing.


When I found out we'd be facing T1, it was interesting. From my perspective, besides Gen.G, I believe we have at least a 1% chance of winning against any team, so I wasn't too worried. It's true that T1 is a formidable opponent, and they will be challenging to face. But I never thought they were unbeatable. If we lose to T1, we can call it a predictable outcome, but if we win, it's a huge accomplishment, right? In a way, I feel quite comfortable. Also, something I learned after coming to the LCS is the unpredictability of Bo1s. That’s why I seemed to enjoy the situation when we drew T1.


All your former teammates from the 2020 season at DRX have made it to the World Championship. Is there any particular player you'd like to face?


They're all on strong teams, so I don't really want to face any of them. [Laughs]


Then, is there another team you'd like to face? Perhaps a lifelong rivalry with an LCS or LEC team?


To be honest, I feel that it would be really fun to face any LEC team at Worlds, so I'd be happy if we were to play against any LEC team.


What are your expectations and goals going into your third Worlds?


I thought the same thing last year, but when I first came to Worlds, I wanted to do really well. That mindset remains this year as well. It's my third time, and I'm carrying the belief that I have to do well, just as I did my first time. My goal is to reach at least the quarterfinals, and personally, I want to take away a positive memory from Worlds with a strong performance.


Lastly, a message for your fans?


After winning Worlds last year and moving to NA, I'm back at Worlds again. I want to show a great performance and leave a positive image. I hope you'll cheer for our team. Thank you always for your support.

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