Ranking the Top 5 Top Laners Competing at Worlds 2023


22 teams from around the world have gathered to declare the best team in League of Legends esports in 2023. With less than a week to go for the 2023 LoL World Championship, the teams have gone into their final practice sessions to aim for the Summoner’s Cup, and we will soon be able to witness the best and most important games of the year.


As they duel for supremacy, 16 top laners will lay it all on the line, each vying for the distinction of the world's premier top lane maestro. Renowned for its mix of isolated duels and pivotal map-wide plays, the top lane is a battlefield where both individual prowess and team coordination shine. Inven Global presents the top 5 top laners making waves at Worlds 2023.


5. GEN Doran

Source: LoL Esports


Once perceived as an unstable force in the top lane, Choi "Doran" Hyeon-joon has evolved into a pillar of consistency for Gen.G. His journey from a player grappling with inconsistencies to establishing himself as one of the world's top-tier threats is a testament to his dedication and growth. 


Despite his strong foundation, he seldom dominates the game single-handedly, a missing spark that places him at the fifth spot. Yet, it's undeniable that when Doran locks in Jax, magic happens. Boasting an impeccable record throughout, his Jax has become the stuff of legends, only losing once with the champion throughout the summer.


Though he may occasionally find himself at a mechanical disadvantage against some of the flashier top laners in the tournament, Doran excels in weaving himself seamlessly into team fights and nullifying the impact of opponent carries. While not as frequently capable of carrying as some of his top lane adversaries, when giving his power picks he is as dangerous as anyone else. 


4. KT Kiin

Source: LCK


Kim "Kiin" Gi-in might have his doubters, but no one can deny the sheer impact he's had for his team. There's one shadow that hangs over him: his performance in crucial games. Time and again, he hasn't quite hit the mark in these high-pressure situations. However, there's little chance KT would even be in these situations had it not been for Kiin. 


Recognized as one of the top-performing top laners globally, Kiin has been outstanding throughout the season. Especially when he's playing carry champions, he truly shines. This exceptional form was evident as KT made notable strides in both the Spring and Summer Split, with Kiin rightfully earning praise for his role in these achievements.


3. T1 Zeus

Source: LoL Esports


We must pray for Zeus' health this year! With awe-inspiring mechanics and a knack for mastering a diverse roster of champions, Zeus has earned his reputation as a formidable top laner. His ability to take control and carry games makes him a fearsome opponent for any player.


However, international glory has eluded him (outside of tournaments that play several patches late). Often, when the spotlight is brightest during Grand Finals, Zeus hasn't quite delivered, a pattern that has drawn critique from many corners of the community.


That being said, Zeus's talent remains undeniable. Adapting to T1's evolving strategies in the summer, he might not have displayed the same variety as he did in the spring, but he remains an adaptable and versatile force in the top lane. Overcoming the challenge of major best-of series could be the key to unlocking his full potential. And if he does, there's no doubt he could become one of the greatest top laners of all time. 


2. BLG Bin

Source: LoL Esports


Chen "Bin" Ze-Bin stands out as one of the most unpredictable forces in League of Legends. This year brought about a significant shift in his approach, as Bin began to favor tanks, notably shining with champions like Sion and K'Sante. However, with his high-risk, high-reward style, Bin can be the architect of his team's victory or their downfall. His relentless aggression often leads to spectacular plays that leave fans in awe.


While his performance might've wavered a bit during the Summer Playoffs, Bin's command over K'Sante in the latter part of the year was nothing short of amazing. This dynamism is what makes Bin a player to watch, as he can single-handedly shape the outcome of any match.


1. JDG 369

Source: LoL Esports


This one should come as no surprise — even if there is minor debate on whether he was the best top laner of the year, it's inarguable that he was close to it. This is just par for the course. Throughout his career, Bai "369" Jia-Hao has frequently been in contention for the top spot on lists like these.  He is by far one of the most consistent and talented players in the world. 


Many fans and analysts label him as the game's premier top laner, and it's easy to see why. His adaptability and deep champion pool set him apart, with him capable of excelling in any role. Whether he's anchoring his team as a formidable tank or taking the lead as a carry, 369 ensures he remains a crucial piece in JD Gaming's success. His balanced approach and knack for succeeding in any role his team needs make him an indispensable asset on the rift. Paired with an extremely strong team, 369 has all the weapons in his arsenal to excel this year. 

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