Brian Kibler breaks down everything that is wrong with Quest Rogue




When The Caverns Below first hit the live version of Hearthstone, it immediately made a splash. It was the first Un’Goro deck that emerged as an obvious powerhouse deck and excited many players looking to perfect the deck with interesting tech choices like Stonetusk Boar, Glacial Shard, and even Moroes.

However, as time went by, the community's honeymoon relationship with “Quest Rogue” deck turned ugly. Reddit threads of players complaining about the deck's obnoxious power level filled the Hearthstone sub-Reddit and, at one point, the threads became so frequent a mega-thread was created, and it reached over 3,500 comments discussing the cards negative impact on the game.

The now infamous interview with Hearthstone designer Dean Ayala revealed that Team 5 was very much aware of the Rogue Quest’s potential imbalance, resulting in yet another massive Reddit thread that stoked the communities frustrations. It seemed as if everyone knew that there is a problem with The Caverns Below, but no one really knows what to do about it.

That is, everyone but game designer, pro TCG player and Hearthstone community darling, Brian Kibler.



On Kibler’s Twitch.tv stream, he routinely laments how boring and predictable games against Quest Rogue feels, frequently citing with heavy sarcasm how cool it is that each of the decks cards “are exactly the same and do the same thing”. Combining all of his frustrations (and possible solutions) with an in depth explanation as to why the deck is so anti-fun, the video is serves as a complete primer on the decks negative impact on Hearthstone as a whole.

In the video, Kibler touches on the following:

- The deck's unprecedented match-up polarization.
- The deck's lack of interaction.
- The feeling of helplessness the deck creates.
- The inability to sufficiently “tech” against the deck.
- The quest rewards homogenization of board states.

And many more points over the course of 17 minutes. If you don’t have time to watch the entire video, this quote from Kibler does a good job of explaining the fundamental problem:

"It’s a miserable experience, the same every time, and it feels like there is nothing you can do about it”

What do you think?

Has there ever been a deck in Hearthstone history that has warranted such powerful criticism from such a respectable source? Let us know in the comments if you think Quest Rogue is fine as is or in need of some dire nerfs.


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