Legendary Rogue quest quickly reaches NA #1 legend




An interesting thing happened on the NA server during the first day of  Journey to Un’goro’s release. Despite repeatedly reminding his stream audience that the Rogue legendary quest, The Caverns Below, is a bad card, Team Liquid’s David “Dog” Caero went on a mesmerizing win streak off the back of said Rogue quest that ultimately granted him the rank 1 legend spot.


It’s hard to believe that Dog actually thinks the deck is weak, especially after he routinely stumbled into turn four board states that looked like something out of a tavern brawl. In the clip below, Dog’s Warlock opponent faces 25 power as early as turn four.



The deck seems remarkably consistent and can complete its quest requirements around turn 5-7 with relatively ease. With the right draw, it can complete the quest even sooner. Perhaps the most powerful aspect of this deck is all of the things it does while trying to play four minions with the same name. The deck easily draws multiple cards, racks up free Charge minion damage, and can even creates a huge Edwin Vancleef to trip the opponent up. All while the real threat of infinite 5/5 minions looms over the opponent's head.

Any deck that is capable of such quick wins will likely see competitive play. It is difficult to see this deck's weakness and, despite this, Dog mentioned that his current build may not even be optimal. Trading Eviscerate for Sap and dropping Wisp in favor of Stonetusk Boar are some options that may improve the deck’s consistency.


Some of the most powerful cards in the decks would never see play in any other deck. Moroes and Violet Teacher have never been stronger, as once the quest is completed they all but ensure the Rogue player’s board will be filled with 5/5 minions. Looks like disenchanting Moroes immediately may come back to haunt the entire Hearthstone community.


You can find the decklist Dog used to below. What changes would you make? Let us know in the comments section and sound off if you believe the Rogue quest really is as powerful as it seems.

Backstab x2
Preperation x2
Shadowstep x2
Patches the Pirate x1
Southsea Deekhand x2
Stonetusk Boar x2
Swashburglar x2
The Caverns Below x1
Eviscerate x2
Gadgetzan Ferryman x2
Novuce Engineer x2
Youthful Brewmaster x2
Edwin VanCleef x1
Fan of Knives x2
Mimic Pod x2
Moroes x1
Violet Teacher x2


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