Effective Decks for Conquest Mode in Marvel Snap


Marvel Snap has been in the gaming arena for quite some time now, witnessing the rise and fall of numerous decks as the ever-changing meta constantly sways with frequent patches. With the introduction of the Conquest mode, relying solely on single-concept decks has become more challenging. As a result, the meta has shifted towards a focus on efficiently mixing decks. Here, we present various ways and example decks to help you master the art of deck synergy in Marvel Snap.


Decide Your Endgame


In Marvel Snap, there are multiple ways to choose your endgame strategy. You can opt for a straightforward approach and select a card that resonates with your preferences, be it Galactus, Iron Man, or any other high-cost, high-power card. This endgame card should be potent enough to seize control of one or more locations. Alternatively, you can plan a build-up endgame by combining cards like Wong and Silver Surfer. Typically, your endgame will define the concept of your deck, so make sure you have a clear exit strategy.


Potential Endgame Plans: Patriot+Ultron, Silver Surfer, Magneto, Galactus, Apocalypse, etc.

Mix Two Endgames


Once you've picked your endgame, it's time to select a Plan B exit strategy. Ideally, this card (or card combination) should somehow complement or relate to your first endgame choice. For instance, if you've selected Knull as your primary endgame, Destroyer could be a suitable secondary choice. While Knull and Destroyer might not be compatible in most cases, playing Magik in advance allows you to deploy the two cards on turns 6 and 7. This strategic move can prove valuable, especially when you have Armor or Cosmo in play.


You may even incorporate more than two endgame cards, offering many more options to explore. However, beware of excessive greed, as it may lead to an unwieldy, top-heavy deck lacking cards suitable for early-game play. Crafting a well-balanced deck based on the energy curve is still essential.


Mixing Endgames: Patriot+Silver Surfer, Kingpin+Aero/Magneto, Gambit+Wong+Apocalypse+Odin, etc.

Build Your Deck Around the Endgame Concept


Designing your deck for Conquest Mode follows similar principles to creating ordinary decks. Once you've settled on an endgame strategy, the deck's concept comes into focus. For example, if your deck revolves around a Destroy theme, you'll want multiple cards that excel at destroying cards. Similarly, if your strategy centers on Discard, building a deck that benefits from discarding is important.


Meanwhile, you want to make sure your deck aligns with the conditions for multiple endgame plans. For instance, if your aim is to dismantle the opponent's cards with Gambit, consider including Invisible Woman and Wong to shroud your intentions.

Include Control Cards


Control cards play a vital role in Marvel Snap, particularly in Conquest Mode, where their impact is magnified. Revealing a control card to your opponent prompts them to become more cautious and try to circumvent its effects. Although these cards may not be crucial in normal Ranked Mode, incorporating at least one control card becomes necessary to constrain your opponent's actions during Conquest Mode. Among the top choices are Cosmo and Shang Chi.

Recommended Decks


While popular ranked mode decks can prove effective in Conquest Mode, winning against the same opponent multiple times requires a clever twist. To that end, we present some examples of trick decks that may just lead you to victory.


Cerebro Control


Moving Tribunal


Nimrod Galactus


Evo Legion


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