GEN Chovy: "EMENES asked how he could improve...I gave him some advice about decision-making."


Gen.G swept Cloud9 3-0 in the 2nd round of the loser’s bracket at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational and moved on to the next round. They will now face Bilibili Gaming, who defeated G2 Esports. After Gen.G’s win, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon joined Inven for a brief interview.



If you beat Bilibili Gaming, you’ll meet the winner of T1 vs JD Gaming. Who do you think will come? Who would you rather face?


I think T1 will win, and it doesn’t really matter who we face.


How do you feel about today’s win?


I thought we would have an easy game, but when it started, it wasn’t that easy since they followed the fundamentals fully and they weren’t bad at laning. They were decisive in teamfights as well. We were the better team, so we won, but it wasn’t as easy as it may have seemed.


Did you think you’d beat Cloud9 3-0?


We thought we should beat them 3-0. That would mean that our performance is good, and we need to maintain good performance to reach higher places.


If you pick one good play from today’s game, what is it?


The play where I went to finish off the opponent when I played Ahri. I wouldn’t have tried it when it was as usual, but I checked the level, items, and the opponent’s status. Trying those things and making a good result was good.


What do you think you need to focus on against Bilibili Gaming?


If you watch Bilibili Gaming’s games, you can see their playstyle well. We need to give some thought to it. In my shoes, we have to gain priority in the mid-jungle fight and move more as a team to strengthen our team power to raise our chances of winning.


What are Bilibili Gaming’s strengths and weaknesses? Which player are you the most aware of?


I’m looking out for Bin the most. It seems that he leads a lot of their plays. I’ll also need to look out for their mid-jungle movement during the laning phase since they move together well. They turn the trade advantages through ganks or gain priority to move around often.


What do you need to be careful about?


As I mentioned, if we trail in the mid-jungle movement to lose leverage, they will get priority over the game. I’ll need to watch out for that.


You talked with EMENES after the game. What did you talk about?


EMENES wanted to know what he lacked and asked how he could improve. Frankly, I didn’t think there was anything to say about the laning phase, and since how a player plays changes when advantageous or not, so I couldn’t judge based on just today’s game. However, I gave him some advice about decision-making in most situations and understanding.


How would you evaluate your performance at the MSI? You’ve been picking Ahri often.


I think my performance at this MSI depends on my condition. I don’t think I’m playing bad. As for Ahri, she’s a champion that I’m good at, so I’m confident when I play her. I have zero anxiousness when I play Ahri.


As you mentioned, Yagao and Xun’s mid-jungle movement is good. How are you planning to deal with it?


First of all, I would need to manage the lane well to prevent their movement. Second, I need to use my own turns with the jungler well.

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