[Marvel Snap] Sick of Shuri, Galactus, and Thanos? Try these decks!


While the Marvel Snap meta decks evolve around, some decks remain strong regardless of the meta, like Shuri, Galactus, and Thanos. Due to that, you always meet one of those strong meta decks. The problem is that players tend to get bored if there aren’t enough different decks. So here are some decks that aren’t quite meta but pretty good, especially up against the meta decks.



Magnero Control


Key Cards: Storm, Juggernaut, Spiderman, Absorbing Man, Aero, Magneto

Other cards to include: Kingpin, Jessica Jones, Lizard, Maximus


While move decks aren’t very competent in the current meta, this deck is quite efficient when you go up against the meta decks. This is because you don’t move around your own cards; you move the opponent’s cards so they can’t place them where they want to. The Storm-Juggernaut combo is a decent way to secure a location, and the Spiderman-Absorbing Man combo can prevent the opponent from playing cards in a location on the 5th and 6th turns.


Another card you can include in this deck is Kingpin. It may not be easy to use Kingpin to your benefit since the opponent can clearly see that their card(s) can be destroyed, but if it works out properly, you can collect an easy win.


This deck is especially strong against Thanos decks since they play many 1-cost cards. You can also interfere with Galactus decks by making the opponent fill all three locations with at least one card each.




Key cards: Gambit, Absorbing Man, Wong, Odin

Other cards to include: Morbius, Mystique, Dracula, Apocalypse


This deck is designed to counter the decks that don’t play that many cards. When it works out properly, the opponent will end up with zero cards on their side of the board. Psylocke and Zabu are included so that you can play Wong as early as possible. Afterward, you can play Gambit, Absorbing Man, and Odin in the same location.


The cons of this deck are that the weaknesses are clear and that it’s easy to counter — any decks that include Wong are simply countered by Cosmo. Most Shuri decks include Cosmo to protect their high-power card from being destroyed by Shang Chi, and they usually have Armor too, which will make Gambit obsolete. 


Other cards you can include in this deck are Mystique, Apocalypse, Morbius, and Dracula. Overall, it’s not easy to execute, but the glee when you wipe out your opponent’s cards makes this deck worthwhile.




Key cards: Luke Cage, Hazmat, Absorbing Man, Odin

Other cards to include: Debrii, Hobgoblin, Mystique, Sera, Zabu


This is one of the best decks to use to counter Galactus decks, and when you have to clear the “Win a location with less than 10 power” mission. Hazmat connected to Wong and Odin can make Thanos decks cry as well since the more cards the opponent plays, the lower they will get. 


Luke Cage will keep your cards safe from getting lower than their initial power, and you can push the negative-power cards away from you with Viper. If you use the Sentry-Viper-Green Goblin combo on turns 4 and 5, the opponent will have to find a way to get rid of those cards or just simply fold. If you include Debrii, you can limit the opponent’s locations as well.


However, it will be very difficult to use against Shuri decks, as the power is usually beyond the reach of reducing with Hazmat, so if you meet a Shuri deck, you might be better off running away.




Key cards: Darkhawk, Korg, Rock Slide, Zabu

Other cards to include: Master Mold, Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, Sentinel, White Queen


The key to the Darkhawk deck is to push in as many rocks as possible into your opponent’s deck, then play Darkhawk and copy it with Mystique. You can play Darkhawk first and then send in the rocks, but it’s better to do it the first way to prevent the opponent from countering. It’s also better as you can prevent the opponent from drawing their key cards with the rocks.


If you have Master Mold, one of the newest cards in the game, this deck gets significantly stronger, as it prevents your opponent from drawing cards from their deck if they have seven cards in their hand. If you play Absorbing Man on the next turn, the opponent will struggle as they will have four Sentinels that won’t go away.


This deck is strong against Thanos decks, since they start with six more cards in their deck — Darkhawk will naturally be stronger. You can mess up the opponent’s locations using Debrii and Green Goblin, so it can be effective against Galactus decks as well. Shang Chi and Absorbing Man can be used to counter Shuri decks.

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