[LCK Media Day] GEN Score, KT Hirai predict 3-1 for the decider match


On Apr. 4, the media day for the 2023 LCK Spring Split Finals was held. Three teams remain in the playoffs: T1, Gen.G, and KT Rolster. The first part was for the decider match between Gen.G and KT Rolster. The players and coaches from each team joined the media on stage at LoL Park and talked about their mindsets and predictions going into the match. Han “Peanut” Wang-ho wasn’t able to attend due to health issues.



What is your mindset going into the match?


Score: If we win, we can go to the finals. I’d like to use this chance to reach the finals. I’ll prepare well.


Doran: We’re here in the final decider match, so there’s no place to back up anymore. I’ll be prepared with the thought that it’s the last match and play well.


Chovy: We’ve worked hard up to now, and we’ll show that performance. It’ll be best to maintain a good condition to reach the finals.


Peyz: There’s one step left to the finals. I’ll do my best, thinking it’s the last.


Delight: I want to reach the finals by preparing well. If we reach the finals, we will also secure a ticket to MSI, so I really want to get there.


Hirai: I’ve told the players already. Rather than thinking about reaching the finals, we’ll do our best, thinking it’s the last match.


Kiin: I’d like to prepare well, doing my best so that we can reach the finals.


Cuzz: It’s been a while since I had good results. I’d like to do my best for the remaining matches so that we can win.


Bdd: I’ll go into the match with the thought that it’s the last match. I’ll work hard so that we can advance.


Aiming: I’ll prepare the match against Gen.G as if it’s the finals. I’ll work hard to win.


Lehends: I’ll reach the finals to get to MSI and win the championship too.

What are your predictions for the score?


Hirai: It’ll be 3-1. Gen.G is a strong and solid team that doesn’t fall easily. However, if we’re able to win the first game, we can win 3-1, maybe even 3-0.


Score: 3-1. KT Rolster is doing well this season. It could be harder than 3-0, so my prediction is 3-1.

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