Effective Silver Surfer decks and counters in Marvel Snap

Ever since the Silver Surfer was released in Marvel Snap, many people have worked hard to find the ideal deck for the card. The Silver Surfer is a 3-cost card that grants +2 power on reveal to all 3-cost cards you played in the game. Depending on the area and what other cards you’ve played, the Silver Surfer decks have a very high ceiling.


There have been many variations that appeared, and many of those decks were proven to be very powerful. The Silver Surfer decks have one of the highest win rates in the game, so here are some of those variations you can use to boost your rank.


*On Feb. 9, Marvel Snap nerfed the Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer 3/0, +3 to all 3-cost cards → 3/2, +2 to all 3-cost cards

Silver Surfer

▲ If you include Gambit, use it on the last turn only, since you don’t want to discard any of your key cards. Usually, including Brood is better.
Key cards: Mystique, Silver Surfer, Wong, etc.


The gist of the basic Silver Surfer deck is to include many 3-cost cards along with your Silver Surfer. As Silver Surfer is an On Reveal card, Wong goes great with it. The key is to span out your 3-cost cards in all areas and to play Wong on the 5th turn. If you have Mystique and Silver Surfer in your hand on the last turn, you’ll be able to have +8 power on all 3-cost cards played. This is the basic Silver Surfer combo. That being said, unless you have Wong, Mystique, and Silver Surfer, it’s not as worth using this deck — those three cards should be considered as default when you create any variations of the Silver Surfer deck.

Negative Surfer

Key cards: Psylocke, Ironheart, Bishop, Wolfsbane, The Punisher, Mr. Negative, Iron Man, etc.


The Negative Surfer deck is a variation using Mr. Negative. Using Mr. Negative’s powers, you can play several great cards with 0 energy. Psylocke is always a great card to pair with Mr. Negative, as it allows you to play Mr. Negative on the third turn. Even if you don’t have Psylocke, you should consider playing Mr. Negative on the fourth turn, depending on what cards you have in your hand. If there are still several cards with 0 power in your deck, go for it.


In this deck, you should include cards with low power and great abilities, like Iron Man. If Mr. Negative flips the stats, Iron Man will be 0/5, and it doubles the power of an area. Cards like Ironheart, Bishop, and The Punisher are great too.


When you have both Iron Man and Mystique, calculate what’s better carefully before you play the basic Wong-Mystique-Silver Surfer combo, because most of the time, it’s more beneficial if you copy Iron Man’s ongoing ability with Mystique instead of Wong’s.


As of the update, you will no longer be able to use Silver Surfer with no cost. It'll cost 2 energy after being afflicted by Mr. Negative, but it is still quite effective.

Sera Surfer

▲ Using Brood instead of Gambit is more conventional. Brood has been avoiding me through so many collection boxes...
Key cards: Brood, Polaris, Maximus, Sera, Magik, etc.


One of the biggest weaknesses of the Silver Surfer deck is that you have to play many 3-cost cards. That being said, you can only play up to one 3-cost card per turn through your 3rd-5th turn — there will be only three 3-cost cards on the field on the last turn. If you play Sera, you’ll be able to play three 3-cost cards on the last turn — by playing Brood-Maximus-Silver Surfer, you’ll be able to secure +9 and +12 in the areas you played Maximus and Brood. If you played Wong on the 4th turn, it would become +11 and +18.


However, sometimes even this isn’t enough, so many players use variations that include Magik. If you include Magik, you can play Wong-Mystique-Silver Surfer on the 7th turn, which will blow out your opponent.

Negative Sera Surfer

Key cards: Psylocke, Mr. Negative, Sera, Magik, Iron Man, etc.


The Negative Sera Surfer deck is a combination of the mentioned two decks above. It has an extremely high ceiling if the cards are drawn in good order. In this case, you shouldn’t include cards with power that exceed their cost, like Maximus or Polaris. Especially, if Maximus is flipped by Mr. Negative, you will end up with a 7/3 card, which you won’t be able to play.

Bast Negative Surfer

▲ Include Bast instead of Iceman. I don’t have Bast…
Key Cards: Bast, Psylocke, Brood, Ironheart, Mr. Negative, etc.


Usually, 1-cost cards aren’t included in Silver Surfer decks. Iceman is sometimes included just to buy a bit of time. In this case, you play Bast to boost the power of the cards in your hand. Since most of the cards in the Mr. Negative decks have 3 or less power, it is mostly beneficial to play Bast. If you start the game with Bast, Psylocke, and Mr. Negative, you might even want to snap.


▲ Key cards I don’t have, but Silver Surfer decks are still strong without them!

Sick of Silver Surfers? Try these cards!

As one of the strongest meta cards, many people are trying to counter the Silver Surfer decks. Obviously, one of the best counters to these decks is Cosmo. Good players would keep their Cosmo until the last turn and play it where you are projected to play Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer decks usually don’t have very high power, so they would have to play later, which means Cosmo will mute the on reveal effect of Silver Surfer.


Other great counters are Sandman and Leech. Players who play Silver Surfer decks tend to keep the final blow until the last turn to maximize the effect. That being said, Silver Surfer decks would have to play multiple cards on the last turn. If you use Sandman, the opponent will only be able to play one card — which weakens the Silver Surfer decks massively.


Similarly, Silver Surfer decks will have their key cards in their hand on the 5th turn. Leech removes all abilities of the cards in the opponent’s hand, so Silver Surfer will turn into a useless 3/2 card, and most other cards of the combo will too.


Another counter is Shang-chi. If you have the later turn on the last turn, you can counter the massive Silver Surfer combo by simply playing Shang-chi where your opponent’s high cards will be. However, this will only work when you have the later turn, so keep track of who’s leading the areas.

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