[Worlds 2022 Finals KR Reactions] ???: “I am here to end the best support ever fight between Wolf and Mata.”

*All reactions have been collected, translated, and edited from KR communities such as LoL Inven and FM Korea.



Interestingly, the finals are LCK all-time no.1 vs. no.2.

ㄴ That’s just because Deft played in China for a while.

ㄴ Yeah, Deft had more than 1,000 kills in China. He would have been 1st in at least kills.


Jonnastrong predicted DRX 3:0 LOL

ㄴ Lira and Dangoon also predicted DRX hmm

ㄴ Jonna always plays against the odds

ㄴ But remember Dangoon got the semis exactly right


Pyosik haha

ㄴ “Streamer attitude”


The unkillable demon king.

ㄴ It’s his fifth Worlds finals. He looks very calm and comfortable.

ㄴ He got so natural with all the experience. Remember the roll?


I’m here at Chase Center, and it’s really far from the stage. The advantage is that I can jump off if T1 loses.

ㄴ I heard beer is 24,000 KRW.

ㄴ Water is 8,400 KRW.


"This worlds is a drama without a script, and it's not over yet. We'll enjoy this challenge and finish it as a happy ending."

DRX’s miracle run:

They finished 6th in summer regular season

Beat KT 3-2 in regional qualifier elimination series

Beat LSB 3-2 in regional qualifiers for 4th seed

Beat RNG in play-ins to reach groups

Got through groups in 1st place against TES and Rogue

Reverse swept EDG 3-2 in quarterfinals

Beat the favorites Gen.G 3-1 in semifinals

ㄴ All this to become offerings to the demon king

ㄴ “It’s an offering to the gods.”


???: Keria, you promised me!!!

ㄴ Deftpaca is the best meme ever in the history of LoL esports haha

Game 1


ㄴ You'll never get it. Let's go DRX Sylas!

*Pyosik ganks mid for first blood*

Pyosik’s pathing was amazing.

ㄴ Zeka traded well too

ㄴ But all this is lost with Deft’s death…


Gumayusi steals the dragon!

ㄴ Man, that was a clutch steal

ㄴ Smite is 450 and Guma’s arrow is 490… LOL


Zeus' Yone is nuts.

ㄴ Faker too, they didn't even use Flash to evade Sylas' ult.

ㄴ Chovy's good at Yone, but I think Zeus is top.

ㄴ Of course Zeus is top. Chovy is mid.


Faker is back!!!

ㄴ He never left.

ㄴ He’s so good. Insane old boy.

ㄴ People say that his mechanics have gone down, but it was always there.


Faker just dominated Zeka completely.

ㄴ Don’t count your chickens too early. It’s just game 1.

ㄴ It was just one game.

Official POG for game 1

ㄴ The emperor

ㄴ I thought Keria was awesome.

ㄴ Faker deserved it

Game 2

SSONG’s brain must be bursting.

ㄴ If Red took Aatrox and Graves, they can’t lose.

ㄴ Sad for SSONG that they can’t take Aatrox for their first pick.



ㄴ How in the world did he do that

ㄴ Keria will be finals MVP


*DRX hit back with Faker dive*

Zeka got the kill!

ㄴ Faker saw his death and didn’t even Flash.


The whole game is full of highlights!!

ㄴ They fought like that with no casualties. Amazing.

ㄴ Now, THIS is the world finals!

ㄴ Who said it’ll be boring and one-sided?!


WTF Keria so quick

ㄴ He’s nuts.

ㄴ Pyosik kind of inted there

ㄴㄴ Who would expect Lux would do that?


???: You know, we’re 1-1 against that T1.


ㄴ If T1 wins, Fnatic is 2nd since they’re the only team with a win rate of at least 50% against T1.

ㄴ T1: “Hey, let’s play again.”



ㄴ T1 weren’t aware of that Varus ult…

ㄴ BeryL was the only one that said they could end and he pushed the team forward.

ㄴ The LoL whiz!


No wonder teams started banning Heimerdinger.

ㄴ Strong laning, zoning, occasional stuns… He’s a nuisance.

ㄴ The problem is, only BeryL can play him.


???: I told you we have to end.

ㄴ ???: Because I have to play Genshin.

ㄴ The guy who has reached 3 straight finals. 

Game 3

DRX has an answer to Varus

ㄴ Sylas-Viego three straight games, is that alright?

ㄴ I’m starting to get sick of seeing Sylas now.

ㄴ Varus is top tier because there are so many bot champion bans.


KT fans know… Deft’s Kalista is a losing pick…

ㄴ He won against Gen.G though.

ㄴ But it’s true, Kalista is one of Deft’s least-winning picks.


Bot CS diff already 40.

ㄴ I told you Deft Kalista is a bad choice.


LoL Whiz doing it for DRX

ㄴ It looks like BeryL baited them in.

ㄴ BeryL always baits them in.

ㄴ The game would have been shattered to pieces if it weren’t for BeryL.


LoL Whiz vs. Unkillable Demon King

ㄴ A carry battle between the two former champions

ㄴ Info) BeryL and Faker are the only players that have won Worlds before.



ㄴ Pyosik, how did you get this stolen…

ㄴ I screamed out loud watching that!


???: Oner, you have my powers.

ㄴ Power of Bae “Bengi” “The Jungle” Sung-woong.


Another steal! hahaha this time by Varus

ㄴ Go back to streaming, Pyosik.

ㄴ How does a team with Kalista gets two Barons stolen? Wow.


???: Sang-hyeok, I helped you twice already. I can’t help you anymore. You’re on your own now.

ㄴ Actually, it’s three times. Baron spit on Zeka to kill him.

ㄴ Well, it feels comfortable to see Baron Nashor’s on our side.


Faker dealt the most damage in three straight games.

ㄴ Yeah, if they won game 2, Faker would have been the finals MVP.

ㄴ Game 2 was so close…


Game 4

Thank you for not picking a poking comp, T1.

ㄴThank you for not picking Jayce Ahri Jhin. (by T1 Fan)

ㄴ We got Varus Renata and Aatrox. We got this!!

ㄴ How the hell did the draft go this way?

ㄴ Probably the worst draft T1 did all Worlds.


That kitty killed Oner LOL

ㄴ The Rift is making up for the decisions it made in game 3.

ㄴ “The invisible hand”

ㄴ I think Pyosik is better than Oner. Oner’s only good at Smite fights.

ㄴ Yeah, Pyosik has been doing great in this series. Except for the Smites.


Kingen appearing at the right place at the right time.


ㄴ If no Yone, Kingtrox is King.


King “Aatrox” en.

ㄴ Just last week in the semifinals, he wasn’t this good.

ㄴ Kingen is the biggest variable in this series. Everyone thought Zeus would knock him out, but this is different.

ㄴ If DRX wins, Kingen is the finals MVP.

ㄴ I thought I was watching ‘18 TheShy.




ㄴ Fuq… I didn’t want to hear that song.


It’s time for that song!

ㄴ You gotta love the Show Maker

ㄴ T1 DRX fans are anxious like hell and all other fans are entertained!

ㄴ I love this situation.

ㄴ This is the best Worlds finals ever to me.


I think DRX vs. T1 is the finals. The team that wins this match will win Worlds.

ㄴ What parallel world are you from?

ㄴ Hey, Gen.G didn’t play TES yet, so don’t get too ahead of yourself.

Game 5

Why does it feel that DRX is better?

ㄴ T1 winning game 3 was because of a miracle Baron steal, and they lost game 4 easily.

ㄴ I’m scared… Their draft doesn’t look that good.

Deft smiles after picking Bard

ㄴ He said, “Alright, let’s go.”

ㄴ Is this right? Is it alright?

ㄴ As a Bard one-trick, Caitlyn-Bard is good and the ult is good and roaming is good. It’s a good pick.


Dangoon already knows the answer.


ㄴ I thought whoever wins, it would be done before game 5.


Kingen with the solo kill!

ㄴ He’s getting better and better every game.

ㄴ The finals MVP is decided now. If T1 wins, it’s Gumayusi, if DRX wins, it’s Kingen.

ㄴ Zeus is underperforming so much today.

ㄴ Aside from Zeus’ performance, Kingen is doing really great.



ㄴ Doing better and better and better and better




ㄴ Come on, Pyosik. AGAIN?

ㄴ Twice to the ADC once to the jungler


ㄴ Pyosik won’t be able to sleep tonight.


That damage wow


ㄴ Deft earning time to scale by himself


The closer the match, the more fans want to die

ㄴ Other team fans just have fun

ㄴ My blood pressure got way too high




ㄴ BeryL surviving with 1 HP left so many times got them the win

Post match



ㄴ Who would have even imagined this before Worlds?


Keria’s crying his eyes out… I feel so sorry for him…

ㄴ You did well Keria, don’t cry T_T

ㄴ T1 bot duo was awesome.

ㄴ Gumayusi and Keria deserve to cry.

Now, this guy is the best support ever.

ㄴ LoL Whiz

ㄴ???: “I am here to end the best support ever fight between Wolf and Mata.”

ㄴ Two championships without Faker.

ㄴ Who’s Wolf and Mata?



ㄴ I’m crying T_T

ㄴ Anyone who knows their story would cry together


Are we finally getting this skin?

ㄴ ‘17 Longzhu finally get to rest in peace.

ㄴ Khan was the problem.


Pyosik ceremony LOL

ㄴ Zeka stealing his mic so that he has to do it

ㄴ Dead Man's Plate and movement speed 600 LMAO

ㄴ He’s a world-class clown now LOL

ㄴ Why am I the one feeling embarrassed?


Time to re-evaluate these guys.

ㄴ They made a 20K global gold difference in the last game of the season against DRX.

ㄴ Info) They’re the No.10 seed from the LCK.

ㄴ Fact) Actually good teams end the game before the gold difference hits 20K.

Berll pyusk zekka… I amm drrrainnned. I haf to follo the stepps ov Scorr...

ㄴ NO. You’re going nowhere.

ㄴ Ministry of National Defense: “Welcome.”

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