T1 Faker: "Deft is a player that fully deserves the Worlds title. Congratulations."

On Nov. 5, in the grand finals of the 2022 LoL World Championship, DRX defeated T1 3-2 and became the world champions. Although T1 fought extremely well, they weren’t able to withstand the breaths of the Elder Dragon. After their loss, they joined the media for a press conference.

[To Bengi] DRX went from being the LCK’s #4 seed to winning Worlds.


Bengi: They may have entered the tournament as the #4 seed, but they’ve steadily improved over the tournament, and showcased a really good quality performance in Bo5s as well. That’s why they were a really strong team, and it’s also why we came up short at the very end against them.


[To Gumayusi & Oner] While T1 may have come up short, the team pulled off Baron steals that will go down in LoL Esports history. What are your thoughts on those steals?


Gumayusi: At the time, I felt that we’d win our series, since lady luck was smiling upon us. However, those were moments that came from the losing team, so I don’t think it’ll be as beautiful.

Oner: I also felt good when we stole Baron, and thought we were going to win. I’m also of the same opinion as Gumayusi.


[To Bengi & Faker] What was the biggest flaw behind T1’s performance today, and what did the team talk about after the series?


Bengi: I do feel there were some flaws in the gameplay, but I personally think that there were a lot more flaws in our draft.


Faker: There were games that were definitely winnable, but we made a couple of mistakes, and DRX’s level of focus was on a higher level than us.


[To Faker] While you may have experience in losing in the Worlds finals, it’s the first time for your teammates. What would you like to say to your teammates to console them?


Faker: The team worked very hard throughout this year, and we showcased a performance worthy of winning the finals. I want to tell them that they did great work. While we may have finished in 2nd place, there’s a lot more to take away from a runner-up finish. I believe there’s a lot to be learned from today’s loss.


[To Zeus] You were considered to be the best top laner in this tournament, but it feels like you underperformed today. Was Kingen’s Aatrox that strong? Or did the pressure get to you?


Zeus: I played against Aatrox in a lot of games, but I didn’t properly have the matchup knowledge. I felt like I survived at times when the enemy had priority, and played well during my powerspike timings, but there were a lot of mishaps during the mid-game. I think Kingen’s Aatrox definitely had more impact in teamfights, and in the game overall as well.


[To Bengi] How do you reflect upon the game 5 draft? What can you tell us about the team’s performance this year, and what would you like to say to the players, heading into the 2023 season?


Bengi: As for the game 5 draft, I thought that DRX would favor Azir & Renata as their first two picks, so we first picked Varus thinking that Aatrox would survive until phase two of the draft. We simply thought that our answer to Aatrox was enough.


Our team played very well this season. Players are very talented, and they have a very bright future ahead of them. I think that today’s loss will boost them to even higher heights in their pro careers, but I still feel very sorry about today’s results.


[To Keria] Did you expect DRX to pick Bard in game 5? What went wrong for T1 this series?


Keria: I did expect the bard, but we felt that we could play against them, so we left it open. DRX played a lot more Bo5s than us, so their level of focus in the late-game was much better than ours.


[To Zeus] How do you reflect on your Worlds run this year, and what can we expect from you in 2023?


Zeus: I’m very sad that we lost today, but I learned a lot from this year’s Worlds. I’m going to reflect a lot on today’s runner-up finish during the break and will apply what I learned to my 2023 season.


[To Faker] You unfortunately fell short of capturing your fourth Worlds title this year. How do you feel right now, and is there anything you’d like to say to Deft, your Mapo High schoolmate?


Faker: I’m thinking about the reasons behind our loss and the mistakes that we made, but I also think that today’s loss will serve as good footing to further improvement in the future. Deft won his first Worlds title today, and he’s a player that fully deserves it. Congratulations.

[To Faker] How do you compare yourself to five years ago, when you shed tears after losing in the Worlds finals at the time?


Faker: At  the time, we got swept 3-0 and had a lot of regrets about the match, so there were a lot of sad emotions within me at the time. Our team worked very hard this year, especially Zeus, so I didn’t get the same emotions as last time. We may have finished second place, but I have faith that we’re going to improve a lot further, so I didn’t shed tears this time.


[To Keria] You and Gumayusi were considered the best bot duo in the tournament. How do you reflect on your run, and what would you like to say to Deft, who’s a close friend of yours?


Keria: I think that I Improved both in and outside the game throughout the tournament. I know that Deft went through a lot to win Worlds for a very long time, so I want to congratulate him from the bottom of my heart.


[To Faker] Will we be able to see you at T1 in the 2023 season?


Faker: I can’t say anything at this moment, as nothing’s been decided.


[To Faker] You always stated in interviews that you can overcome anything that comes your way, and winning Worlds has always been your goal. What’s the current goal for you?


Faker: I don’t think I played as well as I could have. If another opportunity comes, I believe in myself to perform better. As a pro player, the obvious goal is to win Worlds. There were things I lacked in the process this year, so I believe I can do better next time.


[To Keria] You cried a lot after game 5. What was on your mind at the time?


Keria: It was a series where I doubted myself the most. I was so frustrated and angry, so such emotions came over me.

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