First LCK vs LCK Worlds finals in five years! DRX defeats Gen.G and breaks their 0-13 loss record

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DRX's miracle run at Worlds continues, as they took down the tournament favorites Gen.G 3-1 at Worlds 2022 semifinals. Prior to this matchup, DRX had a 0-13 record against Gen.G. Despite the contrary belief that Gen.G will beat them once again, DRX took a clean victory after dropping one game. 

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It was a clean victory for Gen.G in game 1, and it all started in the bot lane. DRX scored first blood on Lehends’ Tahm Kench, and as the gap between the bot laners grew, Gen.G decided to initiate a lane swap between bot and top. Soon after, Doran’s Fiora got a solo kill on Deft’s Miss Fortune. 

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Gen.G’s snowball kept growing after their teamfight victory for the drake. Despite DRX catching out Doran shortly after, Gen.G managed to kill Kingen’s Sejuani and BeryL’s Soraka, which led to them getting Baron Nashor. Shortly after, DRX’s attempts at killing Ruler’s Varus failed, as Lehends’ Tahm Kench made a huge save and turned the fight around. By this point, the gold gap was too wide for DRX to regain any momentum, and it led to the destruction of DRX’s Nexus.


In game 2, first blood came once again in the bot lane, as Gen.G’s bot lane managed to get a kill in a 2 vs 3 scenario. BeryL missing his Q on Lehends’ Karma was a key reason behind this turnaround. However, DRX was relentless, and managed to secure Gen.G’s mid tier 1 turret with the use of the Rift Herald. 


There was not a lot of action until the 28 minute mark, and it all started when Gen.G started Baron Nashor after killing Pyosik’s Kindred. However, Chovy’s Sylas got caught out while retreating after taking Baron. Zeka also managed to snipe Ruler’s Varus with his skillshots, which led to DRX securing the dragon soul. By this point, DRX was ahead by 4,000 gold, and Deft had four items on Caitlyn. A final teamfight victory for the Elder drake by DRX led them straight into Gen.G’s base, tying up the series 1-1.

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The first bit of action in game 3 happened in the top lane, as Pyosik and Kingen pulled off a successful dive on Doran’s Sejuani. DRX continued to snowball their lead, as they took two kills during the dragon teamfight and the drake itself. To regain momentum, Gen.G managed to take the Rift Herald and even take down Kingen’s Ornn.


However, Kingen’s solo kill, as well as the rest of DRX pulling off a four-man dive in the bot lane. DRX continued to push their leads as they shut down every Gen.G’s attempt at regaining their footing. It was around the 22 minute mark when a teamfight started without Deft’s Varus and Lehends’ Karma, as Zeka’s Akali got a triple kill, which led to Baron for DRX. They managed to push their gold lead by 8,000 gold. Despite Gen.G trying to thwart DRX’s side lane macro, DRX absorbed Gen.G’s engage beautifully and took a huge teamfight victory. It was not long until DRX marched into Gen.G’s base to take their Nexus, and they led the series 2-1.

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Game 4 started off with DRX taking a decisive lead from the get-go, and it all started with Pyosik’s Kindred pushing Peanut’s Viego out of his own jungle. While Gen.G regained a bit of momentum after the third drake teamfight, DRX regained the lost momentum right back. With DRX getting the kills on Peanut and Doran after securing the Baron, it was not long until the DRX that captured all the objectives took down Gen.G’s Nexus, closing out the series 3-1.


DRX will be facing T1 in the Worlds 2022 finals, making it the first time in five years where two LCK teams will be facing off for the Summoner’s Cup.



Worlds 2022 Semifinal match #2 results: 


Photo via LoL Esports


Gen.G W : L DRX

Gen.G L: W DRX

Gen.G L: W DRX

Gen.G L: W DRX


Worlds 2022 finals:

T1 vs DRX - Nov 6 KST @ 9 A.M / Nov 5 PST @ 5 P.M

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