GEN top DK in LCK civil war to advance to the semifinals


Day 3 of the knockout stage in the 2022 LoL World Championship featured two teams from the LCK. Gen.G and DWG KIA faced off in a battle to advance to the semifinals. Since the two teams knew each other well, the match was full of plots and schemes.


Starting from game 1, DWG KIA showed off a unique pick in Kayn for their jungler Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu. The Kayn pick seemed successful as DWG KIA won skirmishes wherever Kayn went, but things went downhill for them after losing the third dragon fight. Once the tides turned, Gen.G was unstoppable, and they took game 1.


In game 2, Gen.G picked Camille and Yone into their top and mid lanes and played the early game defensively. While DWG KIA went ahead, the gap was small, and as Han "Peanut" Wang-ho stole Baron, Gen.G went ahead. Gen.G played through the side lanes moving forward, and they were able to secure the Cloud dragon's soul. The last fight was at Baron, where Gen.G scored an ace and ended the game.



The real Heo "ShowMaker" Su showed up in game 3. He showcased the strength of the Swain pick. Although first blood went to Gen.G, DWG KIA took priority in all lanes. Especially, ShowMaker even recorded a solo kill on Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon's Azir. By the 20-minute mark, the global gold difference was already at 5K, and DWG KIA could do anything they wished to do. After winning a Baron fight, DWG KIA moved in and destroyed the Nexus.


Game 4 was even faster than game 3. From early in the game, DWG KIA had a big 2v2 win, where Canyon's Viego collected a double kill. Through the priority in the jungle, DWG KIA claimed the dragon and Rift Herald while Peanut's Sejuani roamed around without any benefits. Gen.G were able to slay Viego once, but that was about it, as DWG KIA were too much ahead. At the fourth dragon, Gen.G prevented DWG KIA from taking the soul, but all of their champions were eliminated, and DWG KIA took the match to game 5.


It was sudden death for the two teams as they went into game 5. DWG KIA returned to their first jungle pick in Kayn. This time, the difference was that they banned Yuumi. The two teams played the early game conservatively, and Gen.G inched ahead by securing first blood. DWG KIA managed to keep Gen.G’s snowball to the minimum until Kayn changed forms. When Syndra and Kayn initiated an amazing wombo-combo, DWG KIA was back in the game. It all came down to one teamfight after Gen.G secured Baron. DWG KIA collapsed on Gen.G, but it was Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk’s Lucian who was standing in the end. With the Baron buff around them, Gen.G marched through to destroy the Nexus and advance to the semifinals.


Gen.G will face the winner of tomorrow's match: DRX vs. EDward Gaming.


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