GEN Peanut: "We were also slow in adapting to the meta, such as picking up champions like Graves."

Screengrabbed via LCK broadcast


On the final day of the 2022 LoL World Championship group stages, Gen.G defeated CTBC Flying Oysters and picked up their third victory of the group stages. While their victory over CFO did not secure their ticket to the quarterfinals, it brought them one step closer to qualification.


The jungler for Gen.G, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, joined Laure Valée and Jeesun Park to speak about Gen.G’s groups run so far.

Congratulations on Gen.G’s third victory in the group stages. However, I think it’s safe to say that Gen.G’s not performing as well as the expectations of LCK’s 1st seed. What were some of the difficulties that the team have been facing so far, as well as some of the surprises that the team faced?


It’s been a while since we played on stage, so we were definitely a bit nervous. Also, group stages are Bo1s, so we were also trying to be a bit careful as well. I think we were also slow in adapting to the meta, such as picking up champions like Graves.


As one of the veteran players on Gen.G, how did nerves affect your gameplay?


We had very high expectations coming into the tournament, so I think trying to showcase the gameplay that lives up to such expectations was one of the reasons behind the nervousness. That’s all gone, so the players and the coaching staff all know that we’re only going to perform better from here. Things are definitely getting better.


It feels so good to have you back on the Worlds stage. How do you feel to have so many fans cheering for you from the audience, and what are you looking to prove at this year’s Worlds?


The first time that the audience cheered for me very loudly was back in 2016, when I was on ROX [Tigers]. I think it's so cool to see the audience cheer for us so loud this year as well. The only Worlds career achievement that I don’t have is winning the tournament, so I hope that we can climb to higher heights and win it all this year.

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