GEN Doran: "I hope there are zero games where we lose because of me."

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Gen.G shook off their loss against RNG in their first 2022 LoL World Championship game and won two straight games. With a 2-1 record, Gen.G placed themselves in 2nd place behind RNG at the end of the first round. Heading to their short break before round 2, Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon joined Inven Global to share his thoughts.



Congrats on the win. I believe it’s your first time in the US. How is it? How’s the food?


Thank you. Yes, it’s my first time. I heard that they eat a lot of pastries and hamburgers here. Since I like that kind of food, I was looking forward to it, but I guess too much isn’t always good. I guess hamburgers are only good when I eat them from time to time in Korea. [Laughs]


How have you adapted to the environment? Any jet lag?


I was a bit worried about jet lag, but it was alright. I adapted well around day 3 and day 4.


Round 1 has been concluded. How was it?


I think I could raise my individual performance more. It’s a bit regretful that I wasn’t able to show my best. Against RNG and 100 Thieves, there were a lot of things that I didn’t do well enough, including laning.


I think your performance today was quite good. What was different from the other games?


I tried to look at the game as a whole, and things went well as I thought.


You’ve faced three top laners up to now. Who was the most impressive?


I knew that Breathe would play well, so I wasn’t too surprised about his performance. Since Ssumday played abroad for a long time, I was curious about how he played. He was really good, playing aggressively from the laning phase.


It was an unstable start as you lost your first game. How did Gen.G get to pick Senna-Singed?


We picked them confidently as we had good results during scrims, but there were some unexpected variables, so we lost.


Aatrox often appears in the top lane. What do you think about Aatrox?


Aatrox is a solid champion that can do much, so he’s been played often since the summer season. He’s not a difficult champion to play. Aatrox’s biggest strength is that he doesn’t have a clear weakness.


Are there any unique picks that you’re aware of? Gumayusi said that someone’s playing support Heimerdinger.


[Laughs] I saw that. In the top lane, it’s difficult to play Jayce in the current meta, but he appears from time to time. Nuguri played him for the first time at Worlds today. It’s worth a shot playing in scrims, but I was surprised that he picked Jayce in an official game, against Sejuani.


You’re also known for your performance on aggressive champions. Are you preparing any?


In this meta, it’s easier to pick aggressive champions. I can pick one, but it has to go well with the team and the team comp.


Obviously, Gen.G’s goal at this Worlds would be winning the championship. What’s your goal?


My goal is not to underperform. I hope there are zero games where we lose because of me. [Laughs]


According to Peanut, at Worlds, the most important part is how much and how fast a team improves. How do you think it is for Gen.G?


I felt that each and every game, including scrims, is more precious than our season games, and that I need to improve fast. Since our coaching staff and players are all deep thinkers, we’ll be able to improve quickly.


In that regard, what do you expect to take away from this Worlds?


I’m not really playing to be enlightened or anything, so rather than assuming how much I would improve, I think I’ll find out by looking back after it’s all over. [Laughs]


Any last comments?


I’m sad that we lost against RNG, and the fans would be disappointed. I’ll make sure that we prepare well so we can do well and have revenge in round 2. Thank you.

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