T1 Gumayusi: "I did not expect the Lucian-Nami to be picked."

It was an unexpected loss for T1, as many predicted them to triumph over Fnatic on day 3 of groups at the 2022 LoL Worlds Championship. Especially given the fact that T1 managed to take a commanding victory over last year’s world champions, EDward Gaming, many expected T1 to do the same on day 2 as well.


In a scrum interview, T1’s bot laner Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyung shared that he did not expect the Lucian-Nami to be picked, and was one of the major reasons behind their loss against Fnatic. Furthermore, he shared that the game became very hard after losing the 3 vs 3 skirmish.


The following is Gumayusi’s scrum interview.

Fnatic picked an aggressive bot lane of Lucian-Nami, while you played Aphelios, who needs time to scale. Do you feel that the draft affected T1’s loss today?


I did not expect the Lucian-Nami to be picked, so I feel we did a poor job dealing with the duo.


There was a Chronobreak in your match against Fnatic. Did it affect the team’s performance? What’s the biggest reason behind T1’s loss?


I don’t know about the rest of my team, but for some reason, the Chronobreak really affected my focus today. The biggest reason behind our loss was due to our lack of focus, as well as not successfully predicting the enemy’s draft.


How do you evaluate T1’s level of performance right now?


Our practice has been going well, and we feel we’re on the right track. I don’t believe our level of gameplay has gone down just because we lost to Fnatic. Rather than thinking too much about one loss, I’ll make sure to focus on winning our next match.


When do you think the match became really hard for T1, and what can you tell us about the bot lane matchup?


When we lost the 3 vs 3 skirmish in the early game, and when Lucian got ahead in items are when we felt the game was going to be tough. We knew that the bot lane matchup wasn’t in favor for us, but it felt like it was definitely playable once in the game.


With today’s loss, do you still believe T1 can get out of groups in 1st place?


Definitely. It’s only one loss.


From your opinion, how do you think the bot lane meta has changed at Worlds this year as opposed to the Summer split?


In the Summer, it felt like there was a gentleman’s agreement to focus on scaling, so it felt like bot lane didn’t have a lot of influence in the early game, but right now, early game became incredibly important. There’s enough influence to decide the flow of the game. As for the meta champion pool, I’m definitely confident in all of them.


What’s the secret behind maintaining such confidence, even after a loss like today?


Even if we lost today, we told ourselves to not dwindle on our loss, straighten our backs and to play the game as wwe did before. That’s why I don’t think the loss affects us mentally, and we’ll focus on tomorrow’s match, as well as the three consecutive matches that we have to play in week 2.

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