DRX Zeka on facing Xiaohu: "He’s a very good player, but I felt I could win if I survived the early game."

Image via LCK broadcast

On day 1 of the 2022 LoL World Championships, DRX faced off against RNG in the last match of the day. Despite many predicting RNG’s victory, DRX managed to take the victory in their very first match of the tournament. The mid laner for DRX, Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo, played a key part in leading his team to victory, as he managed to turn around a key teamfight for DRX.


The following is Zeka’s post-match interview with Jeesun Park on the LCK broadcast. 

Congratulations on the victory over RNG. How do you feel?


We faced RNG, undoubtedly the toughest opponents of our group, right from the get-go. I thought that I needed to play well no matter what, so I’m thrilled that we managed to get a win over them.


Did you feel pressured in facing RNG and needing to perform well?


The team and I felt that they were the best team in our group, so as long as we executed what we’ve prepared well and beat them, we felt that we’ll have an easier time moving forward.


The early game didn’t go as smooth as DRX would’ve liked, but through superior teamfighting, you managed to gain advantages and capitalize. What was the focal point of DRX’s team composition?


We had a heavy engage comp with Akali, Tristana, and Rell. The enemy also drafted an engage comp, but our comp was better to absorb their engage, so we kept that in mind while teamfighting.


Talk to me about the laning phase against Xiaohu.


He’s a very good player, but I felt I could win if I survived the early game.


DRX won that key drake teamfight because you managed to survive and take out the rest of RNG. What was the thought process at the time?


That teamfight was something that we needed to win. Before I knew it, I was the sole survivor, but my ult came back off cooldown, so I managed to kill both Vi and Jax. I should’ve had an easier time killing them both, but I struggled a bit. I was confident in my ability to play Akali, and I was also fed, so I was confident in taking the fight against them.


You said that you’re looking forward to the tacos in Mexico City. Have you had a chance to try any? How are you managing yourself physically?


There’s a practice room inside the hotel, and because all of us are crammed in a tiny space, our teamwork is improving, but my tolerance for annoyance is diminishing [laughter]. I actually haven’t tried the tacos yet, so I hope I get to soon.


Lastly, a word to your fans.


I think that I showcased what I can in today’s match against RNG. I’ll make sure to work harder to play better than I did today. Thank you.

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