DRX Juhan: "I do want to play G2 again, because I think Jankos is a great player.”

After beating Liiv SANDBOX 3-2 in the last round of the LCK regional qualifiers, DRX captured the last ticket to Worlds. As the #4 LCK seed, they’ll be starting their Worlds run from the play-in stage in Mexico.


In a post-match interview with Inven, Lee “Juhan” Ju-han stated, “It feels pretty surreal right now. I have butterflies thinking that I’m actually heading to Worlds this year. In terms of the match tonight, I felt that our chances of winning would be a lot higher if we at least went even, so I tried to reduce the number of mistakes I make.”


Juhan was the clutch factor that DRX needed. Although he rarely started for the team, he was subbed in when DRX was on the verge of losing the series.


“I definitely felt the pressure. However, as long as I wasn’t nervous and played well, I felt that we’d be able to come out on top in the end. I tried to believe in myself. I know I could play well, and I just needed to execute well. Having that mindset helped a lot.”


He also shared the behind the scenes story of how he ended up starting for the team.


“There was talk on whether or not I could be subbed in before I was actually subbed in. From my perspective, I felt that I wouldn’t have any more chances to prove my worth this year if I didn’t get subbed in. That’s why I was more desperate.”


When asked about how the bot lane plays better with Juhan, he stated 


“In terms of communication, I think there really isn’t too much difference between Pyosik and I. I like getting vision control, so that’s why it feels like our bot lane is playing better with me. When I was first building teamwork with BeryL, we had a lot of discussions; he said a lot of things that just made a lot of sense.”


For Juhan, this is his second international tournament, and is his first Worlds’ appearance.


“Maybe it’s because I played at MSI, but I can kind of predict how well the other regions play. I don’t think there won’t be too much trouble in our run. I do want to play G2 again, because I think Jankos is a great player.”


Lastly, he had a heartfelt message to the fans.


“The fan support has been an immense source of energy when I got subbed in. I’m truly grateful for the motivation that I receive from them. I’ll make sure not to disappoint at Worlds this year.”

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