Curse finally broken! Gen.G finally captures their first LCK championship victory since Samsung Blue era

Gen.G vs T1. A repeat matchup of the 2022 LCK Spring finals, was on the Summer finals stage this time around. It was a matchup that did not disappoint, as Gen.G finally managed to break the 2nd place curse and take the victory 3-0.


Game 1 was quiet throughout most of the early game. The first blood came around the 12 minute mark, as Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok Flash-Charmed Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon’s Azir and managed to kill him via three-man gank in the mid lane. Another kill came through in the top lane, but Gen.G had the advantage in dragon stacks.


It was the third dragon where the game swung heavily for Gen.G, as they took a huge teamfight victory to secure their third stack. This also led to Gen.G taking Baron straight after, and Ruler’s Zeri continued to get kills [as well as a Quadra Kill], which led to Gen.G systematically dismantling T1 for the rest of the game. Zeri-nation Gaming took the victory in game 1 and led the series 1-0.


For game 2, T1 managed to draft the unstoppable Zeri-Yuumi bot lane, with Renekton being picked in the mid lane to enable T1’s bot lane. However, Gen.G answered with Son “Lehends” Si-woo’s wild card pick in the support role, Singed.


Gen.G’s plan worked beautifully, as not only did they manage to kill Faker’s Renekton twice, the snowball from the mid gank continued to snowball to be Gen.G’s one-sided victory. The presence that Han “Peanut” Wang-ho had alongside Lehends’ Singed in game 2 was able to be felt all over the Summoner’s Rift, as T1 failed to capitalize at every opportunity. 2-0.


Gen.G continued their relentless assault in game 3, as they somehow managed to get their hands on Zeri-Yuumi in draft. It almost felt as if the draft didn't matter, as there was a clear difference in the level of gameplay. Gen.G took the 3-0 victory and managed to capture their first domestic title in eight years.


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