GEN Chovy: "Who knows? If I’m feeling really good [after beating T1], then maybe I’ll sing at T1 HQ .”

On day 32 of the 2022 LCK Summer split, Gen.G defeated DRX 2-0 and continued on their win streak. After the match, the mid laner for Gen.G, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon joined the press room for a short interview.


Chovy started off by expressing his thoughts on getting a clean victory over DRX, by expressing his happiness on continuing on the team’s win streak. When asked about his record on Ahri and how the champion fits his playstyle, he commented,


“You need to be very good at going in with Ahri to find the right angles, and you have to get a threatening lead over your enemy. I think she fits me because I’m able to do that on Ahri.”


Chovy built Banshee’s Veil on Ahri vs DRX’s long-range composition. It’s a choice that left question marks, as the passive effect can be erased through long-range poke. When asked about his itemization choice, he stated, 


“Rather than getting hit by the enemy’s abilities while grouped with your team, Ahri’s job is to manage the side lanes and flank from the side. Because of this, I chose a safer option. With Banshee’s Veil, it’s a lot easier to manage your HP in the side lanes, should you ever get collapsed on by the enemy.”


When asked about how the 12.13 patch impacted mid lane, he shared that things didn’t really feel different.


“The mid lane meta really hasn’t changed on 12.13, so I don’t think I’ll have any problems adjusting to the patch.”


Gen.G’s next match is against T1, their biggest rivals in the LCK. In round 1 of the Summer split, Gen.G lost to them 0-2; now they’re looking to get their revenge in the upcoming rematch. It’s also worth noting that Gen.G’s only loss this split was against T1. When asked about the feedback after their loss, he shared,


“We didn’t make the plays that we’re good at, and made poor in-game decisions. We all felt that we lost because of such decisions, we told each other that we knew why we lost. The results on Saturday should speak for itself.”


Chovy was chosen as Player of the Game [POG] in game 2 of the series. In the POG interview with LCK announcer Yoon Su-bin, he said that he’ll sing a song at T1 HQ’s karaoke room if they win. He further commented that it’s not going to be him, but recommended it to Doran.


“I never said that I’ll be the one to sing; I recommended Doran. I’ll think about it after I win. Who knows? If I’m feeling really good, then maybe I’ll sing at T1 HQ .” 


Lastly, he finished the interview by thanking his fans.

“I’ll make sure to work hard to produce great results, and I’m always grateful for the fans’ support.”

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