Amouranth blamed for assault, mass shootings for doing a sleep stream on Twitch

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Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa's recent stream had a portion that included her taking a nap. This left some viewers angry, with one man even accusing the stream of causing violence towards women. 


Amouranth shared a screenshot of her recent sleep stream on Twitter on July 2. Most of the responses were people wishing her a good night's sleep or saying they enjoyed the stream with Esfand. But the stream rubbed someone the wrong way. 


Amouranth responds to unhinged Twitter comments after sleep stream

Earlier this morning, Amourant shared screenshots from a follower who went on a rant underneath the image of her sleeping with a Pokemon blanket. The man said he was "fine with this kind of content" but felt it was "testing" and even "probably responsible in part" for "actual rape and mass shootings." 


According to the man, some people have been "f— over so hard" that they develop various disorders that leave them sexually frustrated and angry after seeing Amouranth sleep on stream. This could lead to a "domino effect" where the sexually violent man decides to rape a random woman "walking home from her $30,000 call center job" since they are so turned on and frustrated after seeing Amouranth asleep in her pajamas. 


"Maybe e-girls don't realize how much power they have and that their actions could potentially go way beyond the scope of (mom's basement guy) becoming a domino effect she'll never even be aware of," the man said. 



The string of accusatory tweets left some baffled. Some of the replies included people telling Amouranth to "do whatever she wants" and confirming she isn't resposible for "other peoples' mental problems." 




Amouranth is no stranger to online harassment and criticism. She was recently asked to appear in an adult film for $10 million. Last month, Amouranth's stalker showed up in her neighborhood and attempted to break in. Despite the ongoing ridicule and harassment, Amouranth appears to still be doing adult content even though she previously said she'd retire from OnlyFans in June. 

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