The Overwatch community lashes out at devs over Brigitte Medic skin promotion

Brigitte has received a new skin, but players are more focused on the method with which it's unlocked rather than how the skin looks. The Overwatch 2 developers have responded to backlash over Brigitte's new look, but it's fair to say the fans are not placated just yet.


A limited-time cosmetic has been released in Overwatch 2, coming ahead of the highly anticipated second beta. Overwatch players can get their hands on the dynamic skin through a promotion program on Twitch that's never been tried by Blizzard before. Instead of just watching streamers for a certain amount of hours, the skin is unlocked by gifting three subcriptions on specifically listed channels. 



The promotion includes 150 Twitch streamers, and it's not an exaggeration to say lot of people in the Overwatch community are not impressed with the choices Blizzard have made. Many have accused Blizzard of choosing streamers that are already big enough to be earning a good amount of money, making some question why they needed to be gifted subscriptioins.


Some of the streamers on the list include Asmongold, Felix "xQc" Lengyel, and Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang — as well as former rapper T-Pain. For reference, xQc is estimated to earn around $750k a month from Twitch subs, brand deals and so on, with most sites estimating his net worth to be in excess of $10m.


Said one outspoken Reddit user: "This list of streamers seriously leaves a bad taste. If you're going to do this kind of event, at least support the creators who actually need it instead of big name streamers, many who aren't even in our community and/or are terrible influences."


This may be in reference to the recent controversy over xQc's gambling streams, although it is impossible to be sure.


Another replied that developers should have focused on streamers who actually play Overwatch, noting that many haven't played the game for years. It was a common complaint that the streamers on the list were not part of the Overwatch community, with some even saying they wouldn't mind gifting subs to larger Overwatch content creators just to support them. 


"The fact they put XQC on this list but not Fenner is what really upsets me. Of course I'm upset about him being left off already, but... is, X really someone you want to be promoting as support for your game?" one fan wrote on Twitter


Overwatch 2 team responds to backlash over Brigitte Medic skin

As frustration mounted around the Brigitte Medic skin promotion, Community Manager Andy Belford decided to respond. He explained that the community is "far overestimating" what some of the streamers "actually earn." 


Said Belford: "Many smaller, long-time Overwatch streamers would be overjoyed to have your support. I feel as though we have a good mix of familiar faces and new folks who will bring plenty of new eyes to both the game and the community." 


How to unlock the Brigitte Medic skin

The Brigitte Medic skin can be unlocked between June 29 11 AM PST and July 20 11 AM PST. During this time period, link your Twitch account to your Blizzard account. Then simply gift three subs to one of the streamers on the list. 


After doing so, you'll get a code sent to your account that allows you to redeem the Brigitte Medic skin. It will transfer over to your game when it's released in October as well. 


You can do any subscription tier but they must not be gifted anonymously. It will cost you around $15 minimum to get the Brigitte Medic skin. 


The second Overwatch beta begins tomorrow, June 28. 

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