GEN Lehends: "I wanted to give DK nightmares again with Singed."

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On June 22, Gen.G defeated DWG KIA in the 2022 LCK Summer Split. It was a close 2-1 win for Gen.G. In the three games, the key pick was Singed, and Son “Lehends” Si-woo showed why the pick was ban-worthy against Gen.G. In games one and three, Lehends pulled out Singed and took the Player of the Game award in both games. After the match, he joined Yoon Soo-bin for an interview.



Congratulations on today’s win. You are the sole POG today. How do you feel?


I’m happy that we won, but I’m afraid it isn’t that positive that I played Singed. It’s a champion that’s far from traditional supports, so it has no basis.


Whenever Gen.G meets DWG KIA, the matches are fun. Today, the game was fun starting from the draft. Since Ruler is great on Zeri, didn’t you think she would be banned?


I thought Zeri could go through the ban phase. Since Ruler is a really great Zeri player, things went well.


Also, as soon as DWG KIA picked Yuumi, you pulled out your Singed. You’ve picked Singed against DWG KIA in spring too. Was it a prepared pick?


Actually, there were several things prepared. I wanted to give DK nightmares again with Singed, so I picked him. I’m always ready to pick Singed.


You stole Baron to turn the tides in the first game. How did it work out?


DWG KIA was advantageous when they started Baron, and it turned out, that my Unsealed Spellbook came in handy as the timing was perfect. I got lucky and stole it. I haven’t used Smite that much, so it was a really scary situation for me. [Laughs]


After losing game two, what was the main feedback?


We were advantageous in game two, but since we made several mistakes, DWG KIA took priority. The main feedback was to focus and concentrate more on the game.


Although Singed was banned in game two, it was available again in game three, and you picked him up along with the fasting Senna. Were you sure that you’d win?


Since Ruler is really good on Senna too, and I was confident in playing Singed, we went that way, and it turned out to be a good choice.


People say that your Singed is the best in the world. What’s so special about your Singed?


To play Singed well, rather than playing the champion well, you need to be really aware of the map.


Are you planning to play him more often?


If Ruler allows me, I can play him any time.


Your next opponent is Fredit BRION. Do you think you can keep up the winning streak?


It’ll be great if we can, but, more importantly, I want to show a great match that would be interesting for the fans.


Any last comments to the fans?


We won against one of the favorites today. Thank you to those who cheered for us. We’ll aim for higher places.

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