"This is an insult to me": Asmongold reveals the reason behind his Twitch ban

Image via Asmongold on Youtube


Asmongold has finally spoken about his second Twitch account being banned from the streaming platform. 


After a day of silence, Asmongold took to Youtube to tell his followers what went down.


According to Asmongold, while playing Diablo Immortal, Twitch suspended him for "hateful and unmoderated conduct" in his chat. The chat in question was within the game itself. While he stood up for a few seconds to adjust a blanket, a person in his chat wrote the n-word, using special characters to get around Asmongold's language filter. 


According to Asmongold, he chose to ignore the message at first since it was almost off the screen anyway and he didn't want to give the troll attention. He explained that giving a response or allowing his chat to get mad at the troll would help them "achieve their goal," but "unfortunately Twitch did" anyway. 


Even though Asmongold called the offensive stream sniper "an attention-seeking man-child," Twitch felt he didn't address the situation properly and suspended him for 24 hours without the opportunity to appeal. 


"Why this pissed me off is because I, clearly, didn't support any of this. The implication of the suspension being there is that I'm complicit or okay with racism being on my stream. Which I find completely f—ing disgusting and an insult to me. It's ridiculous that Twitch would even think this is the case or something that I'm trying to promote," Asmongold said. 



Asmongold went on to note that Twitch has emotes that are used in racist and offensive ways. Some of these emotes Asmongold has banned from his streams specifically due to their inappropriate connotations when used. This includes the TriHard emote. 


Asmongold said, "You have a platform like Twitch that allows these racial stereotypes to be proliferated by these emotes [...] But I have all of these banned in my chat because I don't support them. I also trained my mod team to not only identify those types of things... But I've been on the internet for 20 years. I know every slur in the English language. I understand the euphemisms. I see all these things even if people think that I don't... So the idea that I'm going to  be suspended for unmoderated hateful conduct is incredibly offensive to me." 


He also pointed out how this means that trolls can go into a Twitch chat to spam something racist, sexist, or homophobic if they want to get a streamer in trouble. Asmongold said he will "always" have his chat blocked "without any exception" because Twitch is "too stupid" to understand its' context. 


"They're being used as a weapon against streamers," Asmongold said. 


The World of Warcraft streamer even pointed out that Twitch has officially partnered streamers from the community who are banned from competitions for racism. This was another point that made Asmongold feel that Twitch was hypocritical in its decision to suspend him. While he feels Twitch moderation usually does a good job, he felt he "did nothing wrong" and refused to apologize for the situation. 

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